Sky Sets to Enter the Broadband Market this 2021

Date Jul 14, 2020
Blog category Broadband
By Sieg C

Sky Television is setting its sight on entering the broadband market in New Zealand, and possibly the mobile virtual network operator. 

The pay-TV provider is raising $157 million from investors through a cheap share rights issue. This is to cover costs for their plan to provide fibre broadband internet plans to Kiwis, which is set to launch this 2021. The entrance of Sky broadband means that Kiwis will be presented, yet again, with a long list of great internet deals. For Glimp, this gives us the motivation to further expand our comparison tools to cover NZ's best broadband providers.

Connecting from fibre-ready homes 

Acknowledging the crowded market, Sky will not focus on installing new fibre connections from scratch. Instead, their focus will be to take advantage of fibre broadband-ready Kiwi households, and introduce them to ultrafast internet. This is possible through a partnership with a yet unnamed broadband provider in New Zealand. Aside from benefiting from the infrastructure, it would also cut costs for Sky. 

Lower prices for New Zealanders

Coming from Sky CEO Martin Stewart himself, broadband is a tough market as it’s already crowded. However, he hopes that their entry will provide a cheaper alternative for New Zealanders who are looking for a fast and reliable connection. As competition stiffens, the best internet providers in New Zealand will be more pressed into offering only the cheapest broadband deals without compromising on quality.


Possible move to MVNO

Sky have also mentioned that they are highly considering to venture into MVNO – a mobile virtual network operator. Although, it’s most likely that they’re only relaunching a service of Spark, Vodafone, and 2degrees – three of the biggest MVNO providers in NZ. This gives leverage to Sky when this operation progresses further in New Zealand. Consequently, they can be at the forefront when 5G connection finally rolls out. 

Special bundles by Sky

Known primarily as a television provider, Sky are in a great position when it comes to offering bundles. New Zealanders who are subscribed to the Sky’s TV services can easily get special discounts and exclusive bundles. With the purchase of RugbyPass and Lightbox, Sky will be able to provide bundle plans that appeal to Kiwis all over the country. 

Glimp’s opportunity to expand

As Sky enters the broadband market, Glimp remains dedicated to helping Kiwis find the best deals on their broadband. You can use our tools to compare the incoming Sky broadband plans and packages with other providers. For now, make sure that you connect to fibre if it’s readily available in your location. Use our free and impartial comparison tool here at Glimp to get the current best broadband deals across New Zealand. Switch to fibre today!

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Matthew Symmons , 2021-12-04

Both the highlighted deals i clicked through to get turned out to be inaccurate speeds. Glimp saying 300/100 both providers only offering 100/20 for the price given, despite giving the same address in both sites. still giving 3 stars though as regardless the deals through Glimp are better than the standard advertised deals on the providers site.

Leah Te Rangi , 2021-09-28

Sign up didn't go quite the way it was meant to. But Kate called and she walked through everything so we could work out what went wrong. she was patient, friendly, supportive and kept me calm to finally get plan registration sorted ( still can't log in though - she must be magic )

Tara Davis , 2021-09-28

Found it really easy to find what i needed and also got a call regarding what deals might be best suited etc. Saves a lot of time. Highly reccommend glimp