What Is The Average Rent In Wellington This 2022?

Date Apr 7, 2022
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If you’re planning to move to Wellington, be it all by yourself or with family or friends, it’s always best to compare housing and rental prices first. 

Rental prices in Wellington increased by 5.5% in the three months to December 2021, according to the Consumer Price Index. This suggests that rent might continuously increase as demand goes up in the first quarter of 2022. 

According to reports, sleep-outs or an extension to a house for extra sleeping accommodation are being listed for $220 per week, showing Wellington's dire rental situation. While this may meet the region's high demand, some properties appear to have failed to meet the Healthy Homes standards, with no heating of any kind, and no sufficient ventilation, either.

How much is rent in Wellington?

Rent varies depending on the type of property and the size of the space you want to rent. A 1-bedroom apartment in Wellington Central costs between $340 and $500, a 1-bedroom home rental costs between $410 and $425, and a room costs between $253 and $390.

How much is an apartment for rent in Wellington?

A one-bedroom apartment may cost between $340 and $500; a two-bedroom apartment can cost between $550 and $750; a three-bedroom apartment between $850 and $1145; and a five-bedroom apartment can cost between $1235 and $1620.

Cities and towns Median price
Wellington Central $415 for 1 bedroom; $650 for 2 bedrooms; $915 for 3 bedrooms; $1428 for 5 bedrooms 

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How much is a flat for rent in Wellington?

In Masterton, a one-bedroom flat can cost $300 per week, while a two-bedroom flat can cost $320 per week.

Cities and towns Median price
Lower Hutt - Maungaraki $413 
Masterton $300 for 1 bedroom; $360 for 2 bedrooms


How much is a house for rent in Wellington?

At $350 per week, Masterton has one of the cheapest house rentals in Wellington, while Porirua - Plimmerton can go up to $700 per week for a three-bedroom house rental.

Cities and towns Median price
Carterton $400 for 2 bedrooms; $480 for 3 bedrooms 
Featherston $500 for 3bedrooms
Greytown  $450 for 2-bedroom house, $550 for 3 bedrooms
Lower Hutt - Maungaraki $520 for 2 bedrooms; $650 for 3 bedrooms; $725 for 4 bedrooms
Martinborough $530 for 3 bedrooms
Masterton $350 for 1-bedroom; $400 for 2 bedrooms; $460 for 3 bedrooms; $483 for 4 bedrooms 
Otaki $440 for 2 bedrooms; $480 for 3 bedrooms
Paraparaumu $465 for 2 bedrooms; $560 for 3 bedrooms; $695 for 4 bedrooms
Porirua - Plimmerton  $585 for 2 bedrooms; $700 for 3 bedrooms
Upper Hutt - Birchville $600 for 3 bedrooms
Waikanae  $500 for 2 bedrooms; $615 for 3 bedrooms; $695 for 4 bedrooms
Wellington Central $410 for 1 bedroom; $695 for 2 bedrooms

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How much is a room for rent in Wellington?

A room for rent in Wellington Central costs $290 per week, while a room in Paraparaumu costs $295 weekly. 

Cities and towns Median price
Paraparaumu $295
Wellington Central  $290

According to Trade Me NZ, Wellington rents were stable at $600 per week in September 2021, increasing by up to 9% year on year. Its most popular rental was a three-bedroom property in Oriental Bay for $550 a week, which drew 191 enquiries in just two days on the market.

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