Urban VPN

Urban VPN is a P2P-powered VPN founded in 2018, a subsidiary of one of the most reliable virtual private networks in the world — the Urban Cyber Security. They have a team of 30 experts who crafted Urban VPN to be free and secure. Unlike many VPN offers, Urban VPN doesn’t require a fee; and instead, it’s compatible with a wide range of apps, operating systems, and platforms. Urban VPN is downloaded in a single click, directly from the website — no complex processes to waste your time. Its free, high-quality security services are here to stay and are expected to innovate in the coming years. Expect safe browsing, undisrupted VPN experience, and quality features with Urban VPN!

What’s the catch? Absolutely nothing! While there’s a flip side in some security solutions claiming to be free of charge, Urban VPN reviews prove you’ll get quality services without any hidden charges or deceptive ads.

You could join the millions of users enjoying Urban VPN! Find out how much you can save with a free VPN that has all features you could desire by comparing prices of different VPN deals in New Zealand.

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Why get Urban VPN for your device?

You can instantly unblock websites and apps, as they have servers in over 81 locations worldwide and have free unlimited bandwidth. With a powerful encryption, your privacy and security won’t be compromised. You can also get live support whenever you need it from their customer service team who are available 24/7. If you need a simple, hassle-free VPN, Urban VPN can be one of the best choices because it has only the necessary features you need for secure browsing.

100% free and non-commercial use

This is the ultimate feature making Urban VPN a good choice for Kiwis on a budget. Urban VPN has over 6 browser add-ons, 3 lifestyle VPN solutions, 6 VPN for platforms, and 7 VPN for apps. All for non-commercial use! By being P2P-powered, users help each other to unblock sites by sharing network resources. Urban VPN downloading and opting out is easy, and you can do so anytime. Enjoy more freedom on surfing the internet and flexibility in your VPN!

Urban VPN Products: At A Glance

Browser Add-Ons

Getting a VPN for your browser rewards you with a secure internet surfing experience. Every click and site visits you make leaves an imprint that can be traceable. What’s more, you wouldn’t even be aware of this most of the time! To safeguard your digital identity from the prying eyes of third parties who want to use your data for various purposes, get Urban VPN for Mozilla Firefox, Chrome, and Edge.

Lifestyle VPN Solutions

Urban VPN can speed up your gaming experience as it’s fast servers lowers the latency between a player and the server-client. You can also save your data in an encrypted gaming private network. Free yourself from geo-restrictions when you travel abroad, and optimise your travelling experience. With Urban VPN, you can bypass strict governmental restrictions and access the internet anywhere, as it masks your IP address and replaces it with thousands of IP addresses within its network.

VPN for Platforms

You can enjoy safe browsing on multiple devices and when you’re on-the-go as Urban VPN supports a variety of platforms, from Windows to Mac. Urban VPN downloads from Google Play as well as the Apple Store.

VPN for Applications

Get access to more content in streaming sites such as Disney and Netflix. You can also access multiple social media accounts. Some social media accounts like Instagram prevent multiple accounts using the same IP address. Some countries block social media sites to lessen the citizens’ exposure to digital work. Urban VPN encrypts your network connection so you can do more with your social media accounts.