UltraVPN is run by an experienced team of experts who were also the brains behind PrivacyWeb and SafeVPN. This means the services they provide are tried and tested, backed with real VPN experiences. Features are simple and user-friendly — you don’t need to be tech-savvy to operate the VPN on your devices. 

UltraVPN has a network with servers mostly supporting PSP that extends to 100+ locations in over 60 countries, matching the network capacity of other top-tiered VPN providers. Their VPN offers extreme anonymity on your browsing habits and has a zero logging policy to safeguard your privacy. UltraVPN reviews prove that it delivers high speeds and convenience — and this could be what you’re looking for!

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Why get UltraVPN for your device?

UltraVPN is best for high-speed streaming HD movies and live sports. A few clicks can give you the digital security you need using military-grade encryption. You can also browse uninterrupted and stream various content anywhere. UltraVPN has over 55 global servers that optimizes your movie watching experience. It features browser add-ons, allowing you to switch locations easily if you want to access a geo-restricted movie. Try UltraVPN on Google Chrome, Netflix, and other streaming sites to access more content!

Strong digital security

On top of military encryption are a secured firewall to block traffic from passing outside the VPN, and malware and phishing protection to keep your data safe. You can install UltraVPN on all your devices to protect your online activities wherever you go. UltraVPN products are compatible with various platforms, apps, and operating systems.

UltraVPN Plans


UltraVPN is the perfect match for operating systems on your devices. Use it to hide your online identity, preventing advertisers from using your data and protecting you from the prying eyes of hackers. 

VPN for Windows - You can connect your laptop (HP Pavilion or Envy, Surface Book or Surface Pro, Dell XPS, and more), and install it on all modern versions of Windows, starting from Windows 7 up to the most recent. 

VPN for Mac - Connect any Mac, from MacBook Air to iMac Pro and use any modem macOS, starting from Sierra up to the most recent.

VPN for iOS - You can install this on any iOS device, starting with iPhone 6 up to the latest model. It’s also compatible with all iOS.

VPN for Android - This is compatible with any Android devices from Lollipop 5.0 or better and can be connected to Samsung, Google or any Android device.


UltraVPN plans are for serious internet users. There are three deals to choose from, depending on your needs.

1 Month Plan for $6.99 or around NZD $10.15 per month

6 Month Plan for $4.99 or NZD $7.25 per month

12 Month Plan for $2.99 or NZD $4.34 per month

All plans will have a premium VPN experience and access to servers in the United States, France, Hong Kong, Switzerland, Norway, Germany, United Kingdom, and many more!