Born in 2012, NordVPN embodies confidence, trust, and innovation. They aspire to increase their customer’s choices when browsing online in a secured and responsible way. They wanted to overcome restriction and, at the same time, tighten customer protection from content control and intrusive surveillance from third parties. Customers worldwide have experienced the fruit of NordVPN’s innovation. As of today, they are a trusted online security solution provider with over 5500+ servers across 59 countries. 

NordVPN downloads on a variety of other operating systems. That’s why over 14 million internet users worldwide trust NordVPN and NordVPN premium for their privacy and security. What’s more, you can have a NordVPN free trial if you’re still unsure about a paid version!

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Why get NordVPN for your device?

NordVPN is trusted by millions of customers and tech experts. Positive NordVPN reviews include the 5526+ ultra-fast VPN servers worldwide, wide content access, and no logs policy. This means you’ll get fast streaming on HD videos, movies, and live sports securely! NordVPN uses NordLynx protocol without bandwidth limits and enables fast online security. Unlock various content online and use Nordvpn for Netflix, Hulu, ESPN, and other streaming sites! No worries, NordVPN doesn’t log what you do online and won’t provide your information to any third party.

Is NordVPN right for me?

Because NordVPN is compatible with most operating systems — yes! Even if you’re not tech savvy you can enjoy what NordVPN has to offer especially when you’re into live sports, gaming and binge-watching. NordVPN downloads on devices with:

  • Android
  • Windows
  • macOS
  • iPad, iOS, iPhone
  • Android TV
  • Linux
  • Chrome
  • Firefox

NordVPN can even unblock social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. It’s a top contender in improving streaming quality and will not let you experience speed loss even if you browse over thousands of miles.

NordVPN Plans

2-year Plan

For only $3.71 per month, you can get access to over 5,100 servers worldwide and connect 6 devices at the same time without any speed loss! This lets you get an ad blocker, server coverage, double encryption, and other special features.

Other features

Aside from a NordVPN free trial for 30 days, you can also get access to:

  • A 100% money-back guarantee for 30 for accounts in good standing
  • Additional features: NordPass for only $1.99 per month to secure and store passwords; and NordLocker for only $1.49 per month to secure Cloud files

1-Month Plan

If you want NordVPN to review and access the features on a shorter period, this plan is a good choice. With features that match those from other top-rated VPN providers, you can get this deal instead for only $11.95

1-year Plan

For only $4.92 per month, you can get special features like the ones in the 2-year plan. This, however, is for users who would like to test the waters for a longer period of time.