Top 5 Best Pocket WiFi in New Zealand

Dec 11, 2020
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Are you travelling for the holiday? Make sure you have pocket WiFi so you stay connected, wherever you are. Respond to important emails when you need to, and watch your favourite shows back to back. Getting connected also means you still can update and catch up with your friends and family through social media. 

Before hitting the road this holiday, get the best pocket WiFi that matches your needs. Take a look at some of the best pocket WiFi in the market, and how you can get one for yourself.

Why get pocket WiFi in NZ

While the most common thing to do nowadays is turning on the mobile hotspot on your phone, it may lead to faster battery drainage. Before your mobile phone can share a connection between devices, mobile data and hotspot must be turned on simultaneously — both of which are notorious for the battery.

Getting pocket WiFi prevents you from damaging your phone, plus enjoying stronger signals as it’s designed exclusively for data reception and distribution. To ensure the best connection possible, it’s highly recommended to connect via pocket WiFi in your travels.

How to get pocket WiFi in NZ

It’s very easy to get pocket wifi in New Zealand. Aside from wide availability, all pocket WiFi in NZ are designed to be secured, long-lasting, and fast! Some of these can even connect to 5-15 devices, so you know what to find when travelling with family.

Generally, there are two options on how to get pocket WiFi in your travels. You can get it by renting, or buying one for yourself.

Rental and delivery

One of the most common ways to get pocket WiFi is to rent it. This is particularly useful as you’re only likely to use it when travelling. A lot of providers offer pocket WiFi rental online. Simply place an order, and have it delivered to your address of choice — be it in your home, hotel, or restaurant. Process the return of the device by dropping it off at authorised locations.

Otherwise, you can rent pocket WiFi upon arrival at the airport. However, do note that not all airports in New Zealand offer pocket wifi rental. If you plan to do this, you may want to get prior confirmation if you can get one upon arrival.


Buy from an authorised retailer

If you don’t fancy renting stuff, just buy one for yourself. There's plenty of different pocket WiFi for sale in different online and brick-and-mortar stores in New Zealand. Just make sure that what you get has passed quality testing to ensure its speed and reliability.

Moreover, some mobile plan providers offer their own pocket WiFi. Getting one from them ensures you can connect their stable networks throughout the country — be it broadband 4G, 3G, 2G, and even 5G networks.

Top 5 pocket WiFi in NZ

Want to know where to find the best pocket WiFi in New Zealand? Check out this handy list on where you can rent or buy pocket WiFi that’s perfect for your travels.


POCWIFI is one of the best pocket WiFi rental companies in New Zealand. They have an easy rental process with different delivery options. They offer unlimited WiFi, with additional support to over 100+ countries. Unlike other providers, they use virtual SIM technology to connect you to the ISP, even without the physical SIM card.

Best of all, it has partnerships with some of the most trusted car rental companies in the country. If you want to rent a car and pocket WiFi together, you can easily do it with POCWIFI. 


XOXO WiFi is one of the most trusted pocket WiFi rental companies all over the world. They have an easy-to-use process that works with just one simple click. As it’s a global brand, you can also rent in many different countries, including the UK, Poland, the US, Australia, and more.

It’s one of the best-rated pocket WiFi among digital nomads, who work while travelling. It’s perfect for all kinds of different online activities — be it navigation, staying in touch, surfing the internet, and more.

Wifi Travelers

Wifi Travelers is a portable WiFi router with 13 hours of battery life! This pocket WiFi has one of the longest battery life in the market. Once booked and rented, you can get it delivered to your hotel, home, or post office. 

Being a global brand, it has affiliations with different airports and organisations across the globe. This means their pickup and return of the pocket is easy where you are. 



mywebspot rents pocket WiFi with plenty of perks. One of their most sought-after benefits is the “day pass” where you’re given unlimited internet access for 24 hours. Their day pass offerings include 512MB, om 4G/LTE speeds. Every rental from mywebspot can take advantage of this day pass, so you don’t have to worry about registering one for yourself.

Aside from New Zealand, mywebspot is also available in over 100+ countries. They have over 300,000 users worldwide, with different offices all over the globe. 


Vodafone offers pocket WiFi for sale. The portable Alcatel MW41 is small but powerful pocket wifi that can connect to 4G. It can share connections for up to 14 devices, as long as the device is WiFi-enabled. It is compact but still has LED indicators that show battery life, reception, messages, and WLAN.

The best part about getting the pocket WiFi from Vodafone is, easily taking advantage of their established networks in NZ. Being one of the largest mobile plan providers, they have fast and reliable networks even in the most remote locations in the country.

Pair it with the right mobile plan!

For best results, pair the pocket WiFi with the right mobile plan! Mobile plan providers offer SIM cards that can handle unlimited data at fast speeds — even as fast as 5G! Make sure to get this plan to fully enjoy the benefits of pocket WiFi.

Get the best unlimited mobile data plan in New Zealand using glimp’s comparison tool.

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