Stake Investment App

Stake investment app was founded by Matt Leibowitz to give Australians and New Zealanders an opportunity to trade on the US stock market. Opened in New Zealand in May 2020, they have over 13,000 customers with several partnerships with DriveWealth, Macquarie Bank, and Sanlam Private Wealth to secure the Australian Financial Services License. Because they’re expanded to NZ, Stake are working closely with the New Zealand Financial Markets Authority (FMA) for compliance with trading regulations, ensuring Kiwis that their investment is in a safe place. 

With Stake, you can be exposed to exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and the US stock market through a user-friendly platform where you can get access to unlimited trading options. You don’t have to spend anything on Stake shares when you buy them with a Commission Free Pack; if you want more power to invest, you can subscribe to a Premium Pack. The Stake investment app also lets you trade in various companies with only a small amount of money. Enrol at Stake and invest in NZ!

Invest at your full potential and get the lowest fees in growing your money! Compare Stake and investment apps in NZ and find out if they are your best option!

stake investment apps nz

Why invest in Stake shares?

“We never stop. We never settle.” is Stake’s motto — and true enough, they have a wide range of investment options that utilise innovative technologies. Stake trading in NZ opens you to more options to grow your wealth. They’re constantly improving their systems and platform to help you reach more financial opportunities without compromising your data security.

They assure you to get the most out of your money because of minimal fees at reasonable rates. If you’re a frequent investor, Stake investment app will suit you best as they are active and dynamic. 

No hidden fees

Stake’s fees are transparent and straightforward. Their foreign transaction fee and brokerage commissions are lower compared to other investment apps, and they don’t have any custodial or account management fees either! You can do limitless day trades without having to worry about trading fees. 

Although government levies may apply, Stake and investment apps doesn't take any income from them. You’ll know exactly what fees you’re paying for so you don’t have to worry about unexpected costs.

Stake Packs NZ

Commission Free

This option is great for beginners, as there are no brokerage fees, foreign transaction fees, or fractional shares fees. You can save more money while getting access to various trades;  buying any dollar amount from shares is free.

Stake’s investment website

The website gives you access to over 3,800 investment options. You can also find their prices and trades so you can choose the best one that fits your preferences. If you want to keep an eye on some companies but still aren’t sure about their performances, you can put them on your Watchlist to observe first. The dashboard will also show you your stocks, total return, last price, and other pertinent information about your investments to keep you updated.


Like the Commission Free option, the Premium or Black Pack doesn’t have any trading fees. For only $9 per month, you can get access to analyst ratings and upgrades on your Buying Power. On top of this, you also get to see the financial data of the companies that you’re investing in and expert opinions on trades — features that will help you make better decisions on your investment.