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Investing made easy: Finding the right investment app in NZ

Although the NZ government has invested a lot of effort in making it easy for investors to get started, investment apps open up many more possibilities, even for beginners.

Want to start investing? Consider these factors before you start:

Learn the fundamentals

Solid knowledge of investing fundamentals is crucial for making smart and informed decisions regarding your investments and app choice. After all, investing can be a daunting prospect to get into. Luckily, many investment apps include guides to help users navigate their interfaces, with some even giving pointers on the best way to invest.

Investing uses some special terms, so when you’re looking for the best apps for investing for beginners, look for one with a dictionary or glossary which can help you understand the terminology. It’ll be very useful should you run into concepts you may be unfamiliar with.

Start with small amounts

Investing carries some amount of risk, so it’s completely understandable for beginners to feel intimidated into jumping in straight away. Fortunately, investment apps give you the chance to only invest small amounts at first; to help you build confidence and good habits that will be instrumental in long-term investing.

Starting out small may seem inconsequential at first, but over time even your small investments will add up, provided you do so consistently. Some apps allow you to automate the process, so you don’t have to worry about missing a contribution. This makes them useful for beginners like students and new graduates.

Make diverse investments

For more experienced investors, you might want to look into diversifying your portfolio and implementing other strategies. To help with this, some apps - like a share investment apps or stake investment apps - offer certain specialities. This gives you access to more markets, and therefore more opportunities to grow your finances.

Stay up-to-date with the latest news

The market is unpredictable, and very few people can accurately predict whether prices would go up or down. Staying up-to-date with recent news can give you a better understanding of the market in real-time.

If this kind of research is up your alley, then an app that shows you the latest financial news and predictions will be very valuable. You can make better investment decisions by keeping informed of business trends across the different markets.

Connect with professionals

This is very relevant for newbies. A great feature to consider when looking for the best investment app for beginners is the ability to connect you with a proven professional or adviser in your preferred field. Their experience is highly valuable, and they can provide insights into how you can become a better investor.

Aside from that, a community feature could be very useful too, allowing you to connect with people of varying backgrounds and skill levels. This way, you can gain insights from different market segments, allowing you to better position your investments in the future.

Here at glimp, we have compiled some of the best investment apps in NZ for you to compare at your own leisure. Use our comparison tool today and see the best results in just a few clicks!

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