Simplicity Investment

Simplicity was founded on one core principle: responsible investing. As a non-profit fund manager, Simplicity NZ aims to help Kiwis get smarter with their money while helping them invest in companies that do not cause any harm to the environment. They do not invest in companies exposed to weapons, adult entertainment, nuclear energy, tobacco, or even fossil fuel extraction.

simplicity investment funds

Why choose Simplicity Funds?

Similar to their Kiwisaver funds, Simplicity Investment Funds offer diverse and ethical options ranging from low-risk to high-risk funds. They offer total transparency, ensuring that you know everything there is to know about your funds. Their annual Simplicity fees are the same as well, with a $20 membership fee + a 0.31% management fee. However, the NZ Share and NZ Bond fund types have an even lower management fee of only 0.10%.

Try ethical investing today and see the Simplicity difference. Grow your investments and take a step closer to your dream, whether it’s a new car, property or travel!

Types of Simplicity Funds


This fund is best suited for investors with limited exposure to growth assets, or those who aren’t keen on taking big risks. Most of its investments are income earning investments, resulting in a lower return over the long term, but with a more stable value over a period of time. This fund offers over 3,000 investments across 23 countries.


The balanced fund offers a mix of growth and income earning investments, resulting in a return somewhere in the middle of a growth and conservative fund over the longer term. You can expect more fluctuations in value compared to a conservative fund. Like the conservative fund, Simplicity’s balanced fund has over 3,000 investments across 23 countries.


Under a growth fund, investments are funneled into growth assets like shares, with minimal exposure to income assets, resulting in a higher return over a long term than either the balanced or conservative funds. However, investors should expect more fluctuations in value than the growth or balanced funds as well. This fund also has over 3,000 investments across 23 countries.

NZ Share

With the exception of Sky City, the NZ Share Fund invests in 49 of the largest companies and securities in the New Zealand Stock Exchange (NZX50). As such, you can expect to share a diversified investment portfolio of assets within NZ.

NZ Bond

Invest in investment-grade, liquid bonds issued in NZ dollars with NZ Bond. This fund offers investment in NZ Government bonds as a component of a diverse investment portfolio.