InvestNow are an online investment platform based in New Zealand. They give Kiwis the chance to invest managed funds and term deposits from the leading fund managers and banks all over the world. 

InvestNow NZ focus on giving Kiwis the freedom to choose their investments. They do this by giving you full access to different quality investment options – meaning there’s no middle man before you can start investing. On top of this, they ensure to deliver a convenient online solution by allowing you to self manage your investment 24/7.

If you want to have full control of your investment, then consider using InvestNow app. To know if they have something to offer that  matches your needs, use our comparison tool at glimp to compare them against their best competitors in the country.

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Why sign up with InvestNow?

Are you tired of complicated investment options? Then switch to the simple and easy investing option of InvestNow NZ. They have plenty of quick and efficient solutions such as transferring funds from other portfolios and regular investing to ensure that you’re provided with straightforward investment.

InvestNow are locally owned with partnership with the leading fund managers and banks, so you can trust that their services are catered exactly to Kiwis. On top of this, their online investment services are completely free – no transaction fees, no hidden charges, no monthly fees, whatsoever!

Sign up with InvestNow NZ for a simple and easy investing. To know how they fare amongst the best investment apps in the country, get a comprehensive comparison using glimp.

Is InvestNow the best share investment app for you?

Are you looking for an award-winning fund manager that ensures to handle your investment with care? Then you may want to use the InvestNow app.

What’s great about them is that you can invest as low as $50; one-off investments cost $250. The official cash rate is less than 0.25% for interest securities, which is relatively low amongst their competitors. To be eligible to use their investment app, simply present your current NZ driver’s licence and passport.

InvestNow are great because your money remains in your hands throughout your investment. This gives you peace of mind, knowing that you’re the one handling your investment yourself. To check out other investment apps that have this feature, use our comparison tool here at glimp.

InvestNow NZ Investment Types

Index Funds

If you aren’t ready to take big risks in your investment yet, then index funds may be for you. They’re a low-risk, low-cost investment that lets you purchase a bundle of stocks and other assets. Getting an index fund investment can be a little bit tricky as you may need to predict the market shift and movements to ensure the best returns.

Because of their complex nature, they’re usually handled by a fund manager who are experts in buying and selling assets within the fund. Luckily, InvestNow NZ offer you to work with trusted fund managers across the globe who can assure to trade your money with care.

Term Deposits

The term deposits of InvestNow Bonds brings you access to several leading banks in New Zealand such as ANZ, BNZ, China Construction Bank, Heartland Bank and SBS Bank. Unlike other investment apps, they let you invest even if you don’t have an account in the bank that you’re putting your money into.

Simply access your InvestNow account to have multiple term deposit options, and to change banks in just a few clicks. As their interest rates are based on what the banks offer, you can ensure to get competitive term deposits with InvestNow NZ.

Managed Funds

Managed funds are  great for novice investors to start with. They work by having your money pooled with other investors and spread with different kinds of investments. While this is mostly managed by a fund manager, InvestNow NZ give you the option to manage your funds yourself.

As your money is used across different kinds of investments, you can easily earn income as well as capital gains whenever the value of your invested funds rise in value. Whether you’re a novice or an expert investor, InvestNow have a wide variety of options for your managed funds.


Exchange-traded funds are great because you own the funds of the company you’re investing, and not the stocks of the company. These work by trading their low-cost investment funds – comprising security baskets for shares and bonds – on the stock exchange. As they rarely drop in value, this is becoming more preferred by Kiwis who are looking to diversify their investments at once.

InvestNow NZ provide a wide range of options that can help you diversify your ETF investment portfolio. To find out more how their ETF investment options fare amongst the best investment apps in the country, use our comparison tool here at glimp.