Hatch Invest

Hatch Invest are a world-class investment digital platform by Kiwi Wealth. They’re locally operated as they’re a part of the Kiwi Group Holding Limited, so their services are developed by Kiwis for Kiwis.

Hatch Invest NZ focus mainly on helping Kiwis invest in the US share markets. They aim to be the one-stop-shop for Kiwis who want to gain access to the largest share markets in the world. They do this by partnering up with DriveWealth – a US-based registered broker, dealer, and member of Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC).

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Hatch Invest NZ

Why sign up with Hatch Invest?

If the possibility of running into financial problems prevents you from investing your money, then you may want to sign up with Hatch Invest New Zealand. They have well-established security features to keep your investment secure.

As their official US partner is a part of SIPC, they have a policy to protect your shares up to $500,000 (with a maximum of $250,000 in cash). They can’t touch your shares by any means, and it’s still up to you to decide what to do with your money. Whether you want to keep entrusting your money with them, move to another broker, sell your shares, or withdraw your money, Hatch Invest NZ are there to help you.

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Is Hatch Invest the best share investment app for you?

Are you looking for an investment app without paying monthly fees and with affordable brokerage fees? You may be looking for the Hatch Invest app.

If you plan to get up to 300 shares, Hatch Invest NZ only charge $4.58 per share. While this is already a great deal, you can get it at an even lower price at $0.015 per share for orders of more than 300 shares! Aside from offering one of the lowest brokerage fees for US-listed shares in the country, they also have a flat rate for every order up to 300 shares.

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Hatch Invest NZ Investment Types


If you’re looking to invest with low-cost exchange-traded funds, then you may want to choose Hatch Invest New Zealand. Instead of owning a piece of the company, you’re owning the fund from the company you’re investing in – like company stocks, commodities, and bonds. This has been rising in popularity amongst Kiwis as they can diversify their investments at once.

ETFs are also preferred by more Kiwis as they rarely drop in value. Although they’re generally stable, they can still move depending on the market trends so you may still be way about your investment. However, as this is the strong specialisation of Hatch Invest, you can trust that your investment is in a safe place.


Stocks are a flexible and low-cost investment available through Hatch Invest NZ. Once you purchase a stock, you become a part-owner and a shareholder of the company you’ve invested in. Although they provide higher returns of investment, they’re also riskier especially as they’re less steady and more likely to drop any time.

If you plan on investing through stocks, then you can use Hatch Invest app. They list some of the biggest companies like Tesla, Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, and more to ensure that your investment remains secure amidst the changes in the stock market.