Direct Broking

Direct Broking are an online means to grow investments by trading shares and bonds on the local and global markets. They’re affiliated with Jarden Securities, ShareClarity and ANZ Bank, well established companies known for investment banking and wealth management in New Zealand. Direct Broking allow Kiwi investors to navigate through the NSX and ASX at their own convenience. They can access market trends and products using their Direct Broking online accounts to help reach their investment goals. 

Direct Broking claim to be the only NZ-based investment app to provide clients of free access to real-time research on companies listed in New Zealand, Australia and Hongkong, made possible with ShareClarity. This makes them a better choice for beginners who are new to the share trading industry. 

If you’re still unsure of the right investment plan for you, head on to glimp to view various  options and decide on your future today!

direct broking

Why Invest with Direct Broking NZ?

Direct Broking target self-directed investors who are eager to increase their portfolio value at a determinable future time. They’re your companion in seeking the best opportunities using their innovative trading system, which gives you access to the latest market information and equity research all in one go.

Direct Broking Trust Account: An Overview

Upon creating your Cash Management Trust Account with Direct Broking, you’re able to settle NZ, AU, UK, and US equity trades in their particular currency and start transferring funds up to 12 different currencies. This way, you avoid currency conversions when you buy or sell shares on a foreign market.

Direct Broking NZ Investment Types


Direct Broking provide a range of NZ and AU market data which include market depth, stock quotes and charts, as well as company information that are relevant in trading. You can create an online Portfolio to monitor shareholdings at any time you prefer. 

When you start share trading, you need to pay brokerage fees depending on where you buy or sell. For every trade on the NZ market amounting to $15,000, you pay NZ $29.90, and 0.2% for trades over $15,000. Trades on the ASX that are priced up to AUD$30,000 will have a brokerage of AUD$29. Any trades over AUD$30,000 require you to pay 0.3%

Exchange-Traded Fund

You can invest in ETFs through Direct Broking to increase the range of equity and different asset divisions. ETFs are commonly established to monitor market indices without depending on a share broker's expertise in choosing shares.


Another investment option with Direct Broking are bonds traded on both New Zealand and Australian Markets. You can choose among: 

  • NZ Government Bonds
  • Local Authority Stock
  • Bank Term Deposits
  • Corporate Bonds
  • Bank Bonds
  • Debentures
  • Capital Notes and Perpetual instruments