The Co-operative Bank Debit Card

The Co-operative Bank was founded in 1928 as the Public Service Investment Society and became a registered bank in 2011. Proud of their long history, they put Kiwis at the heart of their business and serve more than 160,000 customers across New Zealand.

The Co-operative Bank debit card gives Kiwis the opportunity to do everyday shopping in a convenient and affordable way. Instead of shopping on credit, Kiwis can spend the money in their account so they won’t have to worry about paying off their debts. The Co-operative Bank’s Debit Mastercard has all the right features you need when you’re always on-the-go! 

You can use the Co-operative Bank Debit Card abroad and anywhere that Mastercard is accepted. Apply now for the Co-operative Bank’s Debit Mastercard and get access to exclusive offers and discounts!

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Why apply for The Co-operative Bank Debit Card?

Aside from the convenience of everyday banking, you’ll get access to exclusive travel, entertainment, and dining discounts. One of these perks is the Priceless Specials, which aren’t the usual offers provided by specific stores: they’re made especially for The Co-operative Bank debit card holders. 

Like thousands of Kiwis, you can get access to these exclusive perks by applying for your very own Debit Mastercard from The Co-operative Bank today!

Go contactless under $200

Many banks offer contactless payment features where you can make purchases simply by tapping your debit card on the machine. When you have The Co-operative Bank debit card, you can go contactless payment for purchases under $200. They’re recently increased the maximum amount as of 9 April 2020 so that Kiwis can shop more whether in stores or online.

The Co-operative Bank Debit Mastercard® NZ


Aside from Tap & go™ contactless payment for purchases under $200 and exclusive deals, you can also withdraw money up to $4,000 daily using your Co-operative debit card abroad and in hundreds of locations in NZ. You can manage your finances and spending when you use the mobile app to monitor every transaction as well. In fact, the mobile app has a lot to offer, including blocking or unblocking your card if ever your card falls into the wrong hands.

Fees and charges

Fees and charges generally include the annual card fee and overseas charges. In particular, Co-operative Bank Debit Mastercard applies $10.00 annual card fee and service fees which include overseas charges.Overseas charges include ATM withdrawal ($6.50), balance enquiry (70c), declined withdrawal (50c), and card purchase/withdrawal (50c), among others.