ANZ Debit Card NZ

The Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited (ANZ) is the second largest bank by assets in Australia, and one of the largest companies in New Zealand. ANZ works on a grand scale in that they offer a range of products and services, from personal banking to business financing. They’re also contributing to the economic growth in NZ by helping farms and small businesses achieve their financial goals. 

ANZ offers a Visa debit card that you can use from everyday shopping to luxurious splurges overseas. With an ANZ debit card, you can pay using your smartphone and have maximum security in your transactions. ANZ is continuously innovating their systems, products and services, and technology so you can get the best banking experience. 

One in every two Kiwis have a banking relationship with ANZ, and you can too! Find out if an ANZ debit card fits your lifestyle by comparing it with other debit card offers from NZ providers. Comparing different offers all at once is simple: head on to our debit card calculator and set your preferences!

anz debit cards nz

Why sign up for an ANZ Visa Debit Card?

You’ll stand out with an ANZ debit card because of its exclusive features! You can personalize your debit card by upgrading to an ANZ MyPhoto card and pay online or using your smartphone.

Money transfers and payments won’t be a problem when you have an account with ANZ — you can simply transfer your funds between your ANZ accounts, set-up an automatic payment, and do direct debits. 

Accessibility features for visually impaired customers

ANZ debit card accessibility features are user-friendly, especially to visually impaired customers. They make ANZ debit cards stand out as one that can be enjoyed by everyone. The cut-out notch, large visible font, and tactile indicators make the debit card easy to insert in ATMs and terminals.

ANZ Debit Cards for Personal and Business Needs

ANZ Visa Debit

You can use your ANZ Visa Debit Card to shop in stores and online, and in New Zealand and abroad where Visa is acknowledged. If you want contactless payment, you can do so with either an iPhone, Android, or using goMoney. 

The annual fee is $10; and $0 if you have either ANZ Freedom or ANZ Jumpstart account. The daily ATM withdrawal limit is within NZ $2,000 and $3,000 for overseas transactions. Daily transaction limit for NZ and for overseas purchases is $10,000.

ANZ Business Debit Card

If you have an ANZ Business Advantage, Business Extra, or Business Premium Saver account, you can apply for an ANZ Business Debit Card to pay for your business expenses anywhere that Visa is accepted. Pay your suppliers, hotels for executive meetings, and other expenses using a debit card that suits your business’ needs.