OKEx App

Enjoy trading with hundreds of tokens and trading pairs with the help of OKEx! Join one of the leading crypto exchanges as well as millions of users in over 100 countries. OKEx aims to build the next-gen financial ecosystem with their advanced financial services and experience with blockchain technology.

The OKEx App allows for easy trading on the go. Available for both iOS, Android, and even desktop variants like macOS and Windows, users can easily participate in the crypto exchange using OKEx.

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OKEx Pool

Earn more with the help of stable mining, real-time data tracking, and even hedging with the help of OKEx Pool! Join the leading mining pool of 11 assets and take advantage of the daily revenue it offers! 

Safety and Stability

OKEx’s mining pool offers unique architecture and technology systems that helps prevent malicious attacks while maintaining stable operations for its users.


Get automatic revenue daily while checking real-time data with the help of different settlement models used by OKEx pool. 

Global Reliability

OKEx guarantees 24/7 mining services, allowing many users from all over the globe to mine at their own time, thanks to its multi-node deployment and professional technical team to help with problems.

OKEx Exchange Cloud

Leverage OKEx’s technology and build your own exchange fast in a secure environment. With OKEx’s Exchange Cloud feature, you can get a wide array of benefits and utilities:

Good Market Depth

Get access to the deepest liquidity pools and get the best edge when it comes to building your own exchange.

Spot + P2P Trading

Offer conversions between digital and fiat currencies while retaining flexibility and fast order matching. 

Flexible Token Listing

Choose which tokens you want to list on your own exchange, with the help of OKEx’s support team.

Cutting-edge core technology

Get access to OKEx’s best technology, including their matching system, OKEx wallets, both hot and cold, and their asset management and settlement system.

Cross-platform Development

Customize your branding and build your exchange across different web apps and platforms thanks to the OKEx exchange’s flexibility.

Comprehensive Customer Support

Need help with any technical, performance, or support issues? OKEx’s support team is ready to help anytime!

OKEX Trading Fees:

Trading fees vary between regular and VIP users. Regular user tiers are based on their total OKB holding while VIP users are divided by a 30-day trading volume, with the tiers updating daily. Normal users have a monthly trading volume of less than $5 million and are separated into five tiers. The higher the tier, the higher the number of OKB and the lower the fees users need to pay.

VIP users have seven tiers, with their own sets of benefits. For instance, VIP level seven users get negative maker fees for all markets such as OKEx futures fees, spot, and swaps and options, while consequently earning fees against each order.