Compare your crytpocurrency options in NZ

Picking the best crypto exchange to use for buying and trading your coins will be an essential part of your crypto investment journey. With thousands of currencies and crypto exchange available, it can be really daunting to know where to start. Glimp’s comparison tool is here to help you sort out your options, allowing you to find a crypto exchange app or software that works for your specific investment strategy!

Cryptocurrency Exchanges Type

Finding the best NZ crypto exchange

Types of Crypto Exchange:

Crypto exchanges come in different types. It’s important to familiarize yourself with them in order to figure out which one works best or you, so you make the most out of your investments.

Fiat Exchanges

This type of exchange can be useful for beginners just making their first move into cryptocurrency. It’s usually done with fiat currency such as NZ or US dollars, offering it a more substantial liquidity, allowing for tighter spreads and more weight, giving users better prices.

Stablecoin Exchanges

Stablecoins are a type of currency where the cryptocurrency is back with a fiat currency one-for-one, which helps keep the prices stable. Stablecoin exchanges help circumvent any complications arising from trading, helping experienced traders through a more seamless process. However, there may be some additional steps required when repatriating your currency.

Decentralised Exchanges

This is a less common type of exchange, no thanks to many traits that many traders find cumbersome and unappealing. However, they are capable of operating needing to hold funds in an exchange account in order to place orders. They primarily exist for people concerned with their own privacy and other blockchain enthusiasts, though the platforms themselves have a low rate of adoption.

Derivatives Exchanges

Derivatives often arise from other exchange markets, which often just leveraged Bitcoin trading as part of its features. Typical derivatives include margin trading, futures, perpetual futures, options, and other creative products. You can often get modest leverage of around 1-to-10 and as much as 1-to-200. Of course, applying leverage to your trades can be risky, so it still pays to exercise caution.

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