Independent Reserve App

Founded in Sydney, Australia last 2013, the Independent Reserve App offers a gateway for investors to participate in the fiat-to-crypto exchange transaction. It’s trusted by over 200,000 customers that buy Bitcoin in AUD, USD, NZD, and SGD fiat currencies, showing its strength as a safe and secure trading platform.

It’s a licensed cryptocurrency exchange in Australia that allows people to buy or sell 26 of the most popular cryptocurrencies. It is also governed by Australia’s highly regulated financial sector as well as being a member of Blockchain Australia, so you can be sure that you’ll have peace of mind when it comes to investing with the Independent Reserve.

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Independent Reserve App Features

Trusted by over 200,000 customers and businesses, you can trade with confidence using the Independent Reserve App. Get instant Independent reserve deposits 24/7 using Osko or PayID and trade using popular fiat currencies like USD, AUD, NZD, and SGD via EFT and SWIFT.

Buy/Sell Limit Orders

The Independent Reserve App offers different advanced order types such as stop loss, take profit, and even limit orders.


This is a feature native to the Independent Reserve platform, enabling users to implement automated trading strategies, reducing the time spent on trading. 

Multicoin Wallet for the Top Cryptocurrencies

Trade digital assets with the help of Independent Reserve. Bitcoin, ETH, Tether….trade with these currencies and store them all in a good, multi-coin wallet for security.

Premium Accounts

Get insurance against theft and loss when you sign up with a Premium Account from Independent Reserve. Make use of their physical security measures to secure your funds.

Tax Estimator

Use their KPMG tax estimator to work out your estimated tax obligations, reducing the hassle spent on these tasks.


Use their VIP service desk and make large over-the-counter (OTC) trades!

AutoTrader Strategies:

AutoBuy on Deposit

This strategy enables you to buy one of Independent Reserve App’s supported currencies whenever a deposit is credited to your account. Choose a maximum percentage of deposit to be used and you can even set hard upper limits on the size of your buy order as well as the price you’re comfortable paying.

Do note that while creating multiple AutoBuy strategies are allowed, the cumulative ‘Deposit Percentage’ must not add up to more than 100%. There’s also no set order in which the strategies are executed given that each one uses the initial deposit amount when calculating how much deposit to use. 

Lastly, do note that no other AutoBuy strategies can be created should you create one with a Deposit Percentage of 100%.


AutoSchedule Strategies work by allowing you to automatically buy or sell one of the supported cryptocurrencies on the platform on a regular schedule. This schedule will be set by you using the funds that are already available on your account. This is another good way to Dollar Cost Average.


AutoBasket works similarly with AutoBuy but instead of focusing on any single currency, AutoBasket will buy multiple currencies and weigh them against the market capitalization for each. For instance, depositing $100 while the current weightings are BTC: 80%, ETH: 15%, XRP: 5% will have an AutoBasket strategy that will buy $80 worth of BTC, $15 worth of ETH, $5 worth of XRP. Same as AutoBuy, this will be executed whenever you make a fiat Independent Reserve deposit in your account.

Independent Reserve Trading Fees

Fees are based on the past 30 day’s trading volume that starts at 0.5% per transaction. However, it is possible to lower this down to 0.02% as the trading volume increases. This structure seems to benefit high-net worth individuals and SMSF investors with a large sum of investing money they can use to lower their trading fees.

Aside from this, crypto withdrawals will carry the standard network fee charged whenever you withdraw from the exchange. This fee is dynamic and will depend on the server’s blockchain load.


Independent Reserve’s security is good. They utilize remote core servers located at secure data centres, allowing the exchange to synchronously replicate all data across both locations in real time. This helps ensure zero data loss should an exchange hack occur. 

On the user’s side, account access can be further secured via 2FA, which is recommended during account set up. Users may also take advantage of Device Whitelisting, requiring extra authentication for new devices. Users are all also protected by smart IP and withdrawal address whitelisting.