Originally called Monaco technologies, offers users an all-in-one cryptocurrency platform that suits both beginners and experienced investors. Their all-inclusive Exchange allows users to buy, sell, and trade a wide range of different cryptocurrencies at competitive rates. It even offers its own CRO coin for anyone interested in investing or staking with that currency.

The App is available for both desktop and mobile. You can start using it to trade cryptocurrency via its exchange or its own DeFi wallet, depending on your preference. exchange nz Exchange Features

The Exchange has a lot of perks for most investors, making it more like a bank rather than just an exchange or brokerage. It’s not the most intuitive design, and its layout could confuse some beginners but its good selection and strong security still helps beginners ease into investing using crypto.

The exchange also makes it easy to convert fiat currency into crypto, accepting over 20 different kinds including the most commonly used ones like USD and EUR. No need to pay hefty fines for the transaction either, though note that depending on where you live, your choice of currency may be limited.


You can easily deposit money into your account via electronic bank transfer or wire transfer without the hassle of high fees. It also lets users buy and sell cryptocurrencies at its true cost, offering great value for money as an exchange.

Beyond the first 30 days, will now charge a fee for crypto purchases made with credit/debit cards on the App. Take note that your card may also charge a cash advance fee for the transaction.

Earn Interest with!

The App helps account holders earn high rates of interest up to 14%. Note that you’d need to keep a lot of cash in CRO in order to qualify for these perks. Ultimately, it will still depend on how long you leave the money and the amount of CRO staked. There are other means of increasing the interest rate earned:

  • Staking more than 50,000 CRO.
  • Deposit for a three-month term.
  • Investing in a Stablecoin

Of course, keeping a lot of savings in crypto carries its own level of risk as the market is very volatile. You also don’t get any FDIC insurance compared to regular accounts. Always keep these risks in mind before investing massive amounts of money in crypto. Wallet

Take full control of your cryptocurrency and access a full suite of DeFi services! Easily manage over 100+ coins while keeping your keys secure with the help of’s Wallet! With this service, your security takes top priority thanks to Secure Enclave,’s security feature that helps protect your keys via Biometrics and 2FA.