How much faster is Ultra Fast Fibre Broadband vs Copper based ADSL or VDSL Broadband?

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 It’s a given that when it comes to your broadband connection, you want the fastest broadband download speeds available. Although some broadband services are faster than others, it all depends on your connection. 

In today’s world, ultra fibre broadband - UFB - is the best internet option for reliable, high internet speeds. As of May 2018, there were approximately 200,000 homes, businesses, medical centres and schools throughout the country connected to the ultra-fast fibre broadband network. With the government’s plans to roll out fibre-to-home connections to 75-80% of New Zealanders by 2019, more and more Kiwis will have access to the fibre network.

Not only is ultra fast fibre broadband faster than VDSL or ADSL, it provides many other benefits to its user. Let’s take a look at exactly how much faster UFB is, and what other benefits a fibre optic cable network can provide over the copper wire network.

How fast is ultra fast fibre broadband?

Ultra-fast broadband is said to be the way of the future for New Zealand. It uses high-speed optic cables to provide faster speeds than any other broadband service available. Through fine strands of cabling, data is transferred through a transparent material - made of either plastic or glass. It has the capacity of sending data close to the speed of light! 

UFB can provide speeds of up to 200MBps - compare this to ADSL broadband, which can generally only reach speeds of up to 24MBps. VDSL can deliver speeds twice as fast as an ADSL connection, however, this is still comparatively small compared to fibre speeds.

Here’s an example below of how fast fibre broadband is and how long it takes download songs, movies and your videos, when compared to other broadband speeds: 


Media Type File Size ADSL(10Mbps) VDSL(20Mbps) Fibre(100Mbps)
4-minute song 4 MB 3 seconds 1.5 seconds 0.3 seconds
45-minute HD TV show 600 MB 8.5 minutes 4 minutes 50 seconds
2-hour HD movie 3.0-4.5 GB 60 minutes 32 minutes 4.5 minutes

*All download speeds above are estimates. Speeds can vary depending on your location and internet connection - this is due to a few factors including line quality and modem / ISP bandwidth used to keep your internet line open.

Benefits of ultra fast fibre broadband

As the fastest broadband technology available in New Zealand, more and more Kiwis are switching over to an ultra fast fibre broadband connection. There are a number of benefits that internet users can reap by signing up to ultra fast broadband:

Fastest internet around

With speeds of 100MBps and up, ultra fast fibre broadband is more reliable and faster than average broadband speeds for ADSL or VDSL. Unlike the copper based network, fibre is not distance sensitive, so there are no connection interruptions or dropping speeds.

Ideal for heavy internet users

Fibre allows multiple users to connect to their devices to the internet, with no issues streaming, listening or watching online. Everyone can enjoy streaming their favourite TV shows and movies in high definition, all in the same house at the same time!

More reliable than copper

Fibre is much more reliable than copper. Copper wiring sends signals which weaken over distance - they simply cannot compete with new fibre optic cables, which are better able to deliver high speeds across larger distances.

Faster speeds, same price

With ultra fast broadband, you get to enjoy high speeds for the same or similar price to an ADSL or VDSL plan! As fibre is becoming the new “norm” for connecting to the internet, broadband providers are now offering extremely competitive prices. 

Unlimited fibre, ADSL and VDSL broadband plans all have an average price tag of around $75 - $110 per month. Broadband plan prices will vary depending on factors such as your location and data allowance needs.

Want to get faster speeds and join the ultra fast fibre broadband network? Check out the fibre broadband checker to see if and when UFB is coming to your area.

Fibre is better for the future

It’s unknown where technology will take us, but it’s likely that the internet will play a big roll in it. Being able to connect your home or business to the fastest internet service available prepares you well for technological advances to come in the future.

Free setup and installation

Depending on what broadband provider you choose, getting ultra fast fibre is mostly free to install. Many providers will provide free setup as well as free modem rental when you sign up with them on a fixed term contract.

New Zealand’s leading internet providers are offering bigger and better broadband deals regularly. From free months of broadband to free account credit to free televisions - there are many great sign up deals for new users. You can find and compare latest broadband deals and benefits here.

Feeling pretty convinced? So how do you get a fibre connection?

Ultra fast fibre broadband is available to many homes, businesses, schools and healthcare facilities in New Zealand in many locations. To see if fibre broadband is available in your area, head on over to the Glimp fibre broadband checker. Simply enter in your address and we’ll let you know if you can get fibre.

If you’re able to get fibre broadband, great! Now you can get on to comparing the latest fibre broadband deals online and find the right plan for your needs. Just click the "Compare Broadband Plans Now"button or head on over to take a look at the best fibre internet deals here. All you need to do is answer a few questions, and we’ll show you what broadband plans are available in your location.

You can easily use the search filters to find a broadband plan that suits your internet needs. If not, then we will tell you when you can get it! 

We’ve had thousands of Kiwis compare, switch and save using Glimp - many of which have upgraded to ultra fast broadband and have still managed to save on their internet bill!

Get started now and find out if ultra fast fibre broadband is available in your area!


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