Tips When Choosing a Cheap Fibre Broadband Providers in Dunedin NZ

Feb 02, 2024

Dunedin in the Otago region is New Zealand’s oldest city. The landscape is diverse and scenic which offers all homeowners and renters a wide range of broadbands to choose from. With many services and plans to choose, it can sometimes be difficult to feel comfortable purchasing the right broadband plan for your home. Fibre Broadband is seriously popular right now; with a variety of plans to choose from, here are 5 facts you shouldn’t forget before you choose a Fibre Dunedin Broadband. 

Fact #1,  Broadband Dunedin = Gigatown Winner 

Gigatown was a competition that was carried out over 14 months to determine the winner who would receive Internet speeds of up to 1 gigabit per second. This ensured they would receive the fastest Internet in the southern hemisphere.  

Dunedin won the competition in late 2014, beating out  49 other towns and officially making it New Zealand’s first Gigatown. Today, in 2017, Dunedin residents are able to experience 1Gbs which has a substantial impact on how they surf the internet, download and upload files, play online games and steam services such as Netflix. Broadband Dunedin prices as seen on Glimp will show that the top of the range plans will vary between $100- $160 with 7 different providers you could choose from to suit your needs and desires. 

Fact #2. There are 3 Types of Broadbands Available!

1. Fibre Broadband = Fastest Broadband

Also known as Fibre Optic Broadband, Fibre Broadband is the fastest growing broadband and is the number one way of making your Internet connection the fastest possible. It is the latest advancement in broadband technology and it’s name comes from the use of plastic or glass cables which allows for a faster transfer of data compared to the contemporary broadband connections that use standard copper wires. 

 Fibre Broadband speeds vary depending on the Internet plan you sign up for. Some plans provide 100Mps while other plans and services can provide 1Gbs. Customers need to understand that the faster the speed, the more expensive the plans will be. Dunedin residents will find choosing a Fibre Optic Broadband very easy and affordable for their home.  

 Something else to note is that Fibre Broadband is a new technology and therefore the installation has the tendency to take some time; trust us thought, it is worth the wait. Once you have it successfully installed, you don’t have to worry again! 

2. ADSL Broadband Plan

ADSL is the acronym for Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line and is a connection that uses the frequencies of regular copper phone lines that aren’t taken up by voice calls. This style of connection has an advantage as it doesn’t require any special lines to be installed, as is the case with fibre serivices. This makes it less expensive and more available to customers than any other form of broadband. ADSL broadband is the most common broadband found in New Zealand Homes. 

ADSL Broadbands do have restrictions on speeds; you can only get up to 24Mbps of speed and your upload speeds are much more limited. Both speeds are impacted by the quality and condition of the wires as well as the distance between your home and the provider’s location or interference on the line. If your house is positioned uphill from your chosen provider you will find that you will have a lower quality of service compared to if you were living downhill. This is why the broadband connection is asymmetrical.

3. VDSL Broadband Plan

VDSL meaning Very High Bitrate Digital Subscriber Line service is a lot closer to cable Internet in terms of speed and behavior compared to ADSL services. This is because it can provide download speeds that are five to ten times faster for uploads. The maximum upload speed can be around 60 Mbps if you live close to your chosen provider, and the signal does not differ whether you live uphill or downhill.  

VDSL broadbands can provide speeds of up to 70Mbps or more but your house needs to be located within a radius of 1200m from the provider’s cabinet or exchange. VDSL is available to 60% of homes in New Zealand and the installation is quick. If you don’t have fibre broadband in your area, VDSL may be your ideal alternative. 

#3. The Use and Quantity of Users Determines your Necessary Speed 

Before determining a plan, ask yourself how many people will be using the Internet and what they will be using it for. Is it only one person watching Netflix, or are you a large family with 3 of more streaming Netflix at once? Each additional attribute will alter the performance and speed of your Internet. Gaming without a doubt can chew threw your data and requires a high number of mbs to achieve maximum quality at a manageable speed. The more devices being used in a household and the more downloads and uploads that are happening simultaneously, the more your Internet speed will be impacted. This is why it is very important to choose the right internet service Dunedin has to offer you the first time around to reduce stress down the road.

#4. Use Glimp’s 5 Steps to Choose The Best Internet Plan, Dunedin has to Offer You

Glimp provides their users with an easy way to break down exactly what you are looking for so you can choose the best Internet solution for your Dunedin household. Using a simple 5-step process with many choices, you can find the plan that best describes you and your household. By using Glimp, you are sure to find the best Internet Plan Dunedin has to offer you. With so many options out there, it can get confusing but Glimp will make it easier for you. 

#5. Find Fibre Broadband Plans from Top Dunedin Internet Providers

Fibre Broadband is your ultimate choice for hassle free Internet. Dunedin residents are lucky, as a high percentage of residents have access to fibre optic broadbands with the city having an average speed of 196 Mbps. Since Dunedin is New Zealand’s “Gig City”, it now holds the reputation of having an average connection speed that is three times faster than the rest of the country. Choose a Fibre Dunedin Broadband plan to experience New Zealand’s fastest Internet speeds.

There are a wide range of fibre broadband plans available in Dunedin - from unlimited naked broadband to landline and broadband packages, there’s a plan to suit everyone’s needs. Many internet packages even include additional benefits when you sign up, ranging from free Netflix subscriptions to three months of free internet to free consoles.

When you’re ready to find the right Dunedin internet provider and plan package for your home or business, use our free online broadband comparison tool. We’ll help you to find better fibre broadband deals in under four minutes! You can discover the best deals sorted by price, speed, data and more. 

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