What Is The Average Rent In Auckland?

Feb 9, 2022
By Staff writer


Houses for rent in Auckland seem to increase every year, but it was actually reported that the rate of increase is among the lowest in a decade, at least in December 2020 up to today. This is according to Barfoot & Thompson’s latest quarterly report.

Bruce Pyott, a distinguished real estate agent, expressed his dismay at the constant government changes to the rules and regulations in rental and tenancy in NZ: “It is a disaster for tenants because private landlords provide 80% of rentals, and who else is going to do it if they get out? The Government spending billions and can barely house 20%.”

This is particularly true in the neighbourhoods of Auckland, where housing and rental prices go up month after month. Last year, the city's median rent remained at $600 per week, while prices were up by 7% yearly in the central city. 

Is there any way around this? Can you still get "affordable" rent in Auckland and cover your other living expenses?

What is the average rent in Auckland? 

The average weekly rent in Auckland Central is $557.50 for an apartment, $407.50 for a flat, $541.67 for a house, and $240 for a room. Check out the average rent in some of the region's cities and towns below. 

Apartment for rent in Auckland 

There's been much debate about the definition of Flats vs Apartments, but for this list, an apartment is a more upscale version of a flat, and is usually a multi-storey building.

Cities and Towns Average price 
Auckland Central  $557.50
Orewa $550
Papakura $498
Pukekohe $390

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Flat for rent in Auckland 

A flat, by definition, is one of the many units for rent, usually located all on one floor.

Cities and Towns Average price
Auckland Central $407.50
Orewa $515
Papakura $410
Pukekohe $381.50
Red Beach $485
Takanini $495


Houses for rent in Auckland

Cities and Towns Average price 
Auckland Central  $541.67
Clarks Beach $650
Drury $595
Helensville $530
Kumeu $676.67
Orewa $726.25
Papakura $588
Parakai $540
Pukekohe $566.67
Red Beach $670
Riverhead $676.67
Silverdale $755
Snells Beach $570.33
Takanini $677.50
Waimauku $656.67
Waiuku $530

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Room for rent in Auckland 

Cities and Towns Median price 
Auckland Central  $240
Papakura $283
Takanini $380

Source: Tenancy NZ

How much deposit do I need to rent in Auckland? 

There’s no exact amount for the average rent deposit in Auckland. It will depend on the agreement between you and your tenant. They can ask for one to two weeks’ rent in advance, if you agreed to pay weekly or fortnightly. If the landlord is also your employer, he can take the rent out of your pay or what they call “service tenancy.” 

Also, take note of the market rent to get a glimpse of how much you will be spending each week. The amount will be based on the property size and location, so expect that rent will be much more expensive in Auckland Central among others. You can also check Trade Me for updates on rent and property price increases, as well as local property listings. 

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