5 Reasons Why Your Electricity Bill Is So High

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Power bills can come with nasty surprises. In this blog post, we detail five reasons why electricity bills can suddenly become so high and ways to regulate your electricity use. 

1. Dramatic Changes in Temperature

Living in New Zealand means that the weather can change as quickly as flipping a light switch. You can see clear blue skies in the morning and by lunchtime the sky could very well be covered in dark clouds and heavy rain can be pouring down on you. Drastic changes in weather can have a large effect on your electricity bill. Heating and cooling are the common culprits of high electricity bills in New Zealand and around the world. Many of us rely on heaters, fans and air conditioning to control the temperature of our homes. Instead of using electrical solutions, try using natural methods of controlling the temperature of your home such as opening/closing windows and doors or covering up. 

2. Be Aware Of Vampire Appliances 

Vampire appliances are electronic devices that consume energy even though they are not in use. Leaving appliances and electronics plugged in when they are not in use can add up over time. Even though many electronic devices have become very efficient over their standby time, they can still consume a lot of energy. Common offenses can include leaving televisions on standby, leaving laptops plugged in or having gaming consoles left on standby mode. 

3. Appliances Are Not Being Run Efficiently 

Changing the way you use an appliance or electronic device can have a large impact on your utility bills. There are many appliances that come with customisable settings that you can take full advantage of. An example of this is your refrigerator. A modern refrigerator should give you the option to adjust the temperature settings. Just because you have the option to set your fridge to the coldest setting doesn’t mean that you need to. You will find that if you play with the settings, you don’t even need to set it to the coldest setting in order to keep your food at the ideal temperature. Read our blog post to find out which household appliances are eating at your wallet

4. You’re Pushing Devices Past Their Prime

Using older devices is another factor that is contributing to your high electricity bills. That refrigerator that you have owned for nearly 10 years may be one of the biggest contributors to your electricity bill. Appliances today are far more efficient to run compared to their older models. When purchasing any new type of electronic, be sure to check its energy star rating before you purchase. Energy ratings provide valuable information about the cost effectiveness of an appliance.

5. You’re Not Getting the Best Electricity Prices

Many New Zealanders have been deciding to switch electricity providers in order to get the most affordable deal possible. Roughly 15 per cent of households switch their provider every 12 months. There are over one dozen electricity providers in New Zealand, which is great for consumers. If you are not on a fixed term contract, you can make the switch if you find a more reasonably priced provider. To find out the most affordable deal in your area, use our free provider comparison tool to compare power companies in New Zealand. 

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