Vodafone SuperWifi Review: Is This The Broadband Plan For You?

Jan 18, 2022
By Staff writer

Vodafone SuperWifi provides no dead zones, wider coverage, and faster connection. As one of the biggest broadband providers in New Zealand, Vodafone offers great services and reliable connections, even in remote parts of the country. 

Their SuperWifi broadband deal was launched in early 2021, and it guarantees a “wall-to-wall in-home wifi coverage or a $100 credit.” This gives internet users more control over their home internet and improved connection from any corner of the home.

What is Vodafone SuperWifi?

Vodafone SuperWifi is the latest mesh technology to boost your connection all throughout your home, connecting more devices without lagging. It has advanced technology which supports:

  • Parental controls - This limits the online time for your children and filters to show only appropriate content. You can also adjust which content to show according to the age of your children, whether they’re kids or teenagers.
  • Wifi-6 enabled - With the latest Wi-Fi technology, you get the fastest and most reliable wireless connection for your home. This results in less lagging and fewer dead zones throughout the home.
  • Easy set-up process - The Deco app that supports SuperWifi has a step-by-step easy-to-follow setup process even for non-techies. 
  • Ultra-low latency - Lower latency results in fewer lag times, more responsive gaming controls, fewer frame rate drops, and clearer video chatting resolution. Overall, this results in quicker load times and a snappier user experience
  • One unified network - What’s great about Vodafone SuperWifi is, you don’t have to set up another network! You can simply use your modem’s login credentials to connect wirelessly to your devices.
  • TP-Link HomeCare - This includes a comprehensive set of controls including antiviruses, quality service, parental controls, and many other features to guarantee a safer online user experience for the whole family.

How can you get Vodafone SuperWifi?

Vodafone SuperWifi is available to new and existing customers for selected plans. Anyone who signs up to an Unlimited Broadband or Wireless Broadband 600GB plan on a 12-month contract is eligible for this inclusion.

This includes two TP-Link Deco X20 mesh devices, costing $449 each. However, this comes free for eligible customers. The catch is, you need to stay with the same plan for at least 24 months, as fees may apply if you switch or cancel your plan within this period.

Setting up Vodafone SuperWifi is already easy through the Deco app. If you ever need help, they have plenty of support including:

  • Over the phone support
  • Remote network speed tests
  • Additional SuperWifi node with no additional costs
  • In-home visit from Noel Leeming Tech Solutions technician

If you’re unhappy with the service from Vodafone, they’ll credit $100 to your broadband account.

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What are alternatives you can choose?

Aside from Vodafone, there are plenty of other mesh Wi-Fi systems offered by different broadband providers. Some of them include Wi-Fi extenders, Wi-Fi boosters, upgraded routers, and other types of Wi-Fi mesh systems.

  • 2degrees Wi-Fi extender that only works with Fritzbox or a 2degrees provided modem
  • Stuff Fibre upgraded router for an additional $299 one-off cost
  • MyRepublic’s wide range of choices costing anywhere from $6-20 per month

Your provider may also provide Wi-Fi mesh systems or similar types of boosters. It’s best to enquire to know more about your best options. Of course, there are other third-party Wi-Fi mesh systems that you can purchase on the market.

Should you get Vodafone SuperWifi?

It’s a much wiser choice to get SuperWifi if you already have a Vodafone broadband plan. Simply switch to an eligible broadband plan to get this inclusion. If you’re signed up to a different provider, you may consider switching to Vodafone if they have reliable services at your address. Or, you can always get a third-party Wi-Fi mesh system if it’s more suitable for your needs.

Ultimately, Wi-Fi boosters, Wi-Fi extends, mesh systems, upgraded routers, and other wireless technologies are simply there to maximise your internet connection. If your broadband speed still can't get up to speed, consider switching or upgrading plans completely.

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