Southern Cross Travel Insurance NZ

Southern Cross Travel insurance is one of New Zealand’s oldest travel insurance providers. It was founded all the way back in 1982, and is a subsidiary of SCPI Inc. Since its inception, SCTI has expanded to serve many New Zealanders from all walks of life, and is one of the country’s most trusted insurance providers. You can head over to the Southern Cross website to get a quote, or compare trusted insurance companies from all around New Zealand now using glimp. We are a company dedicated to helping you find the best travel insurance policy, wherever it may be hiding!

Why Get Travel Insurance With Southern Cross?

Southern Cross are one of New Zealand’s oldest travel insurance companies - they’re also one of the most trusted, meaning you’re in safe hands when it comes to getting ready to go overseas. Once you’re all set up, you can travel care-free knowing that you’re covered.

Is It Worth Getting Travel Insurance?

Travel insurance is an important part of heading off to see the world. It’s important to have adventures and new experiences, but it’s also important to have a backup if things go south. Get a quote for travel insurance in New Zealand and abroad now to make sure you’re covered.

What Can I Claim?

With Southern Cross, there’s lots of things across the spectrum that your travel insurance may cover. Whether it’s your belongings going missing or damage to a rental car, they’ll have you covered with responsive service and reasonable rates.

Southern Cross Travel Insurance Policies NZ

Single Trip

If you’re not a huge overseas traveller, then it’s just not practical to be paying for a long term or high commitment insurance package. Single trip travel insurance is a perfect option if you’re just an occasional jet setter, and if you only like to shell out on insurance on a case by case basis. Compare insurance companies now with glimp to find out which provider is best for you. It’s glimp’s task to provide you with upfront comparisons, so you can make a beneficial and informed purchase decision.


If you’re someone who’s always shooting off on trips around the world, there may well be something useful in Southern Cross’s portfolio to service your globe hopping needs. With Southern Cross cover, you can rest assured that all ducks are in a row when you take off. Multi-trip insurance is a perfect solution if you travel often - perfect for individuals who go abroad for travel, work or regular family visits. Compare travel insurance companies now with glimp to see which multi-trip insurance package is perfect for your travel needs.

Adventure Sports

If you’re the type of traveller who likes a little danger alongside their relaxation, you’re not alone! In fact, there are special insurance packages dedicated just to you in case anything goes awry. Getting your affairs in order before you go bungee jumping, scuba diving or dirt biking is a sensible way to make sure you’re covered when things don’t go to plan - and let’s face it, that can happen sometimes. Compare adventure sports packs from Southern Cross and others using glimp.