Travel Insurance - Personal Liability Cover

Worried about running into trouble while travelling overseas? You can make use of your policy to cover your personal liability. Travel insurance can help with these kinds of situations as most of them feature liability cover.

Personal Liability

If you cause injury or damage to someone else’s property while abroad, personal liability cover will ensure  financial aid for damages that you or any member of your trip causes. 

Key Benefits of Personal Liability Travel Insurance:

  • Automatically-included Benefit - Most travel insurance providers include this in so you’re already covered on this front.
  • Added Perks - Comprehensive travel policies also include cancellation cover, medical cover, and luggage cover. 
  • Long-term Protection - It’s easy to overlook many protective features. However, we can’t really know what could happen while travelling. Having personal liability cover can offer you peace of mind over the longer term, even if you may have to pay an increased premium for it.

How do I use my personal liability cover?

In the event you need to use your liability cover, take note of these three important steps:

  • Contact your insurer as soon as possible
  • Prepare the required documents
  • Seek approval for all legal fees involved in the encounter

On the other hand, avoid doing these two things immediately:

  • Hiring any lawyer or legal counsel without approval from your insurer - Doing this could actually void your cover as your insurer will require a written approval before paying any legal fees or costs.
  • Admit fault - Never admit fault immediately or promise any money to the aggrieved party as this could void your policy. Legal liability must be established in an NZ court or a court in the country you’re visiting.

Most Common Situations where Personal Liability Travel Insurance can help

The most common incidents where this can apply are:

  • Sports Injuries - Should you cause injury to anyone while playing sports overseas or while travelling domestically, your insurer can shoulder the costs of that person’s medical help.
  • Falls and slips - If you accidentally leave a lot of water in your hotel bathroom running and someone has had a bad fall because of it, your insurer can cover the costs for that person.
  • Accidental Fires - While this may seem like a very situational incident, you might accidentally mishandle a gas cooker or portable stove, causing fire damage to your surrounding. It is best to have cover at hand for this possibility.
  • Damage to Hotel Equipment and Other Facilities - If you cause damage to the hotel’s equipment, personal liability cover can help you with the expenses.

What situations aren’t covered by Travel Insurance Personal Liability Cover?

On the other hand, your personal liability won’t cover some scenarios and expenses:

  • Intentional Damage - If the damage you cause was done willfully, or with malicious intent. This also goes for negligence or failing to properly take precautions.
  • Unlawful Acts - Likewise, you can’t expect coverage if the damage was a result of an illegal act.
  • Work and Profession - Injuries and damages received while you’re engaged in your profession or personal business won’t be covered.
  • Your own losses - Personal liability will not cover damages due to an incident with a third party. However, your travel insurance policy can help you with their built-in medical cover.
  • Non-monetary claims
  • Sexually-transmitted diseases or STDs - Communicable diseases you transmitted or acquired via sexual acts won’t be covered.

Enjoy your travels with the peace of mind that comes with a Personal Liability Cover!

Regardless of how careful we may be, external factors can cause us to get into accidents, causing damages and harm. As such, get the appropriate travel insurance with personal liability cover. Pick the best policy for your needs when you use our insurance tool at glimp!