Travel Insurance for Medical Treatment Abroad

Medical travel insurance is very helpful when you require sudden treatment while overseas. Not all places accept New Zealand health insurance, which can be very heavy on the wallet. Having travel insurance for medical treatment abroad allows you to have quality cover bundled in with your travel policy.

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Travel Insurance for Medical Emergencies Abroad

You don’t have to worry about needing help with medical expenses while travelling overseas. Most travel insurance providers bundle in provisions in case you fall ill or get into an accident abroad. 

Common Inclusions under Travel Insurance - Medical Cover

  • Overseas hospitalisation and evacuation if needed
  • 24/7 Emergency assistance
  • Dental cover

Staying Healthy during your Trip

Stay safe and healthy before embarking on your next trip. With that said, remember these important tips to avoid any health-related mishaps:

  • Water Safety - Depending on your destination, you may have no access to safe tap water. If you’re unsure about sanitation, stick to bottled mineral water.
  • Food Safety - Be careful about your allergies. Make sure to only try food you’re confident about its safety. As much as possible, avoid raw and undercooked food.
  • Insect Repellent - Always apply mosquito repellent lotion to avoid mosquito-borne illnesses.
  • Skin Safety - Likewise, bring a sunblock in tropical countries to avoid skin damage. Bring some long sleeves as well, for places where sunlight can be harsh.
  • Be mindful on the road - Vehicle accidents can always occur. Be mindful of road rules and etiquette in your destination. Never forget seat belts, and don’t hesitate to ask your driver to slow down.

Stay Safe While Travelling!

Stay healthy during your trips! Choose a travel insurance policy with built-in health and medical benefits to protect you from the unexpected! Compare your options for travel insurance for medical treatment abroad here at glimp!