Cover-More Travel Insurance NZ

Cover-More is a Sydney based travel insurance company, focused on getting you sorted if you find yourself in a pinch overseas. Cover-More is owned by the Zurich Insurance Group, and was established in 1986 - that’s over 30 years of quality service making sure travellers stay safe on their adventures abroad. Cover-More offers single-trip, multi-trip and domestic travel insurance, meaning that wherever you go and for however long, you’ll be covered if things go south. Want to compare the cheapest travel insurance companies side by side, so you know who to ask for a quote? You can do so now with Glimp.

cover more travel insurance nz

Why Get Travel Insurance With Cover-More?

Choosing travel insurance in New Zealand can be difficult, as there are so many options to choose from. However, cover more has an emphasis on providing travel insurance to a unique set of customers and really delivering on what they do. Cover-More offers single trip, multi-trip and domestic travel insurance, as well as seniors, frequent traveller and ski and winter sports cover. To top it off, Cover-More includes a great travel GP service wherever you go, meaning that if you’re injured or sick you can call an Australian GP for a consultation right away. Compare Cover-More and other insurance providers now with glimp.

Is It Worth It to Get Travel Insurance?

When the time comes that you’ve booked your flights, said your goodbyes, arranged accommodation and started browsing travel blogs for exciting things to do, it’s easy to forget about making insurance arrangements in case something goes wrong! We’ve all been there - but it is important to get all your affairs in order before you leave - and that includes travel insurance! Still not sure what the best travel insurance option is for you? Try comparing New Zealand providers now with glimp!

Travel GP Service

Cover-More’s travel GP service means that you’ll never be without medical advice, no matter how far afield you go. With 24 hour access to an on-call doctor based in Australia, you can always get the advice you need and make sure you take the necessary steps to stay healthy.

Cover-More Travel Insurance Policies NZ

Single Trip

Single trip is a great way to make sure you’re protected on your travels, even if you’re someone who doesn’t go overseas all that much. For a cheaper rate, you can get covered for one trip only and not spend more than you need to - meaning you can take off stress-free and not worry about anything going wrong while you’re away. Unsure who offers the best single trip travel insurance for you? Find out now with glimp.


Multi-trip is for those who travel a lot, and don’t want to have to get single trip insurance every time they head overseas! Cover-More offers great multi-trip insurance deals, meaning you can take off into the sunset knowing that you’re covered for all your various adventures, work trips and well deserved holidays. Compare the best multi-trip insurance providers now with glimp.

Domestic Insurance

A lot of companies put emphasis on the ‘abroad’ aspect of travel insurance, often ignoring the real and very common possibility of something going wrong while travelling domestically! Cover-More has your back, providing you with great options for domestic travel cover in case anything goes wrong while you're still on your home turf. Unsure about who provides the best domestic travel insurance? Compare providers now with glimp and find out!