Budget Car Rental Excess in New Zealand

Travel insurance can bail you out from many tricky situations but did you know that it can also help with your car rental excess? If you’re interested in finding the best car rental excess insurance in New Zealand, you can use our comparison tool here at glimp.

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Car Rental Excess

This benefit is applied to car rentals sustaining accidental damage or theft. Most providers will also drive the rental car back to the nearest depot if the accident renders you unfit to drive. They also cover the cost of paying back the rental car company regardless of who’s at fault at the time of the incident.

Benefits of having Budget Car Rental Excess :

Make a claim for damages, even when you’re not at fault - Most travel insurance providers cover the costs of your rental car excess even when you’re not at fault for the accident.

Return Cover - If deemed medically unfit to drive, your provider covers the costs of returning it to the dealer. 

No price hikes for pre-existing medical conditions - Many travel insurance providers don’t increase their prices, even if you had a pre-existing condition.

Cover for all drivers in the agreement - This saves you hassle from seeking multiple covers for different people using the car. One rental car excess benefit covers for everyone listed on the rental agreement.

Add this on top of other features and benefits in your policy and you get a great coverage for any scenario that might happen while travelling. Learn about the best domestic travel insurance for rental car excess today with glimp.

When would my excess not be applicable?

  • When you violate your rental agreement
  • When you were driving under the influence of alcohol and illicit substances
  • When you were driving without the correct license for the vehicle you’re operating

Drive safely with the best car rental excess insurance in New Zealand!

Know the full benefits of your travel insurance policy and get the most out of your getaway trip! Choose a provider that includes built-in car rental excess and have peace of mind for your next holiday!