Air New Zealand Travel Insurance NZ

Air New Zealand was founded in 1940 as New Zealand’s flag carrier airline. Originally named Tasman Empire Airways Limited, Air New Zealand has since diversified into insurance. Unlike other subsidiaries, though, Air New Zealand insurance is partnered with Cover-More in its insurance dealings. It only makes sense for an airline to have a travel insurance branch, and Air New Zealand naturally delivers on this front. Travel insurance is great for ensuring you can rest easy when you travel. Still unsure which travel insurance company is right for you? Compare them now using glimp! It’s our job to help you find the best, cheapest deal every time.

air new zealand travel insurance nz

Why Get Travel Insurance With Air New Zealand?

Air New Zealand is a unique insurance provider that offers a few perks along the way - especially if you’re a frequent flyer that earns Air New Zealand Airpoints dollars. In fact, you can pay for your insurance cover using Airpoints dollars if you so desire - meaning you save money at every possible opportunity. Travel Insurance with Air New Zealand also means you get the benefit of Cover-More’s affordable excesses. Get in touch with Air New Zealand now to get a quote or book insurance for your trip, and if you’re still not sure which provider’s right for you, you can compare the best side by side now using glimp.

Is It Worth It to Get Travel Insurance?

When the date of your departure rolls around and you’ve booked your flights, said your goodbyes, arranged accommodation and started browsing travel magazines for places you want to go, it’s easy to forget about making insurance arrangements in case something goes wrong! We’ve all been there - but it is important to get all your affairs in order before you leave - and that includes travel insurance! Still not sure what the best travel insurance option is for you? Try glimp for comparing New Zealand insurance providers now.

What Can I Claim?

With Air New Zealand travel insurance, you can claim for all manner of things - from stolen luggage to cancelled or delayed flights to injury or illness while overseas, the possibilities are endless. That’s why it’s always good to have insurance cover.

Types of Air NZ Travel Insurance Policy

Single Trip Insurance

Single trip means that you can head overseas for a one-off excursion and not have to worry about paying through the nose for more insurance cover than you need. This is great for people who travel seldomly or inconsistently, as you can just sign up and go. Are you still unsure about which travel insurance company is right for you, if any? It’s our job to help you figure out what the best deal is for you - compare providers now with glimp.

Multi-Trip Insurance

Here’s where the real jet setters and globe trotters can really hit their stride, with insurance designed for multiple trips overseas and all inclusive cover while you’re at it. If you travel a lot, you’re going to come across some difficulties at some point - that’s what makes Air New Zealand Multi-Trip insurance so great. Gone are the days of losing money on cancelled flights or losing your passport with no way to get it back - now you can rest easy knowing all your important things are insured.

Domestic Insurance

There are lots of different insurance providers out there that focus on the overseas travelling aspect of travel insurance, often ignoring the real and very common possibility of something going wrong while travelling domestically. Air New Zealand Travel Insurance has your back, providing you with great options for domestic travel cover in case anything goes wrong while you're still travelling within your own borders. Unsure about who provides the best domestic travel insurance? Compare providers now with glimp and find out, or head over to this providers website to get your quote for domestic travel insurance.