Westpac Term Deposit

Westpac NZ has established itself as the country’s top banking institution. With their various financial services and investments, Kiwis are assured that their money is safeguarded 100%. They aim to make Kiwis financially independent and intelligent when it comes to their earnings. Among other investments, Westpac term deposit is a smart choice for those who want to have a fixed income besides their daily job or business. Westpac term deposits rates are one of the most competitive interests offered in NZ, making them the best option in expanding your savings. 

Know how you can make your money grow by inquiring with Westpac term deposit. Check out Westpac term deposit rates NZ with glimp and find the right one that suits you best.

westpac term deposit nz

Why invest in Westpac Term Deposit?

Westpac has been Kiwis' go-to bank for their personal accounts, credit cards, insurance, loans, Kiwisaver, travel and many more. They’ve supported agribusinesses and continue to assist rural customers with their financial needs. Investing in a Westpac Term Deposit is an opportunity to fulfill your personal goals. Likewise, they provide quality customer support to aid you with applications, payment, deposits, and other concerns. You can also use the Westpac term deposit calculator in NZ to help plan your repayments.

Westpac Term Deposit Payments NZ

Interest at Maturity

Choose to receive your returns at maturity for terms of 30 days to 6 months. When you choose to be paid at maturity, your interest is paid in the full amount at the end of the term.

Regular Income

If you wish to be paid regularly or on a monthly basis, you can opt to settle with terms of six months or longer. You can have your interest paid into your Westpac bank account or any of your nominated bank accounts. This is usually advisable for those who need to supplement their NZ Superannuation or other types of income.

Compounding Interest

Aside from the standard term deposit where you earn interest on the principal, you can select to earn a compounding interest on your Westpac term investment for terms of six months or longer. This way, interest can be compounded on a quarterly basis which could bring you bigger returns at a faster rate.