Rabobank Term Deposit

Rabobank is an international banking giant founded as a farming cooperative by Dutch farmers in 1898. They stand by their primary goal of "Farmers working for farmers," and have been actively assisting farm owners and agents with their agribusiness. Through the years, they've developed world-class financial products to offer all kinds of customers from across 38 countries, which later are offered in New Zealand. They started operating in the country after signing with Wrightson Farmers Finance in 1998 and have established about 32 offices with over 5000 farming groups. 

Rabobank NZ is true to their mission of helping farmers to expand their assets and savings. Part of their financial solution program is offering investment opportunities that can increase their income in the term they choose. Rabobank Term Deposit can make their long-term goals come to reality with Rabobank term deposit rates depending on the amount of your deposit. You can help broaden your agribusiness, investments, and other personal goals. Calculate and plan your repayments with Rabobank term deposit calculator for ease of use as well.

Start to expand your finances with an Rabobank Term Deposit. Compare Rabobank term deposit interest rates using glimp and find the right investment plan for you!

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Why Invest in a Rabobank Term Deposit?

Rabobank NZ was built on service for farmworkers in the efforts to uplift their agribusiness and eventually reap the benefits of what they sow. They aim to make farming sustainable for all which drove them to invest 100 % of their deposits into NZ  food and agribusiness culture. With your investments, farmers and rural communities are secured of an opportunity to take care of their farms and households, and in return, increase your savings, too.

Reinvestment and maturity alerts

When you open a Rabobank term deposit, you select a term deposit interest rate, a term and deposit an amount to determine how much you’ll earn at maturity. Prior to the maturity date, Rabobank will notify you through email so you can plan about your next move. However, you can reinvest your money at maturity at the same term and interest frequency. It’s up to you if you want some changes in your term deposit.

Low minimum deposit

For a deposit of $1,000, you can start a Rabobank term deposit for terms ranging from 1 month to 5 years at competitive Rabobank term deposit rates.