ICBC Term Deposit NZ

ICBC is one of the largest international banking companies in the world. They were established in 1984 and later on reorganised to a joint-stock limited company in 2005. Over the years, ICBC engaged about 411 million personal accounts in around 40 countries. They’ve provided customers with accessible and profitable investments which makes ICBC a smart choice for broadening one’s opportunities. 

In 2013, ICBC New Zealand began its operations and became the first Chinese bank to be approved by the Reserve Bank of New Zealand. As a bona fide financial institution with a wide range of banking products, ICBC likewise offers the same banking services to Kiwi customers plus investment options including trade finance, loans, mortgages, and term deposit schemes. ICBC term deposits can grow your savings in a given time, depending on your chosen term. They’re designed to bring customers  a stable source of income when they need it. 

An additional investment can help you start with your long-term goals. Open an ICBC term deposit today using glimp and compare term deposit rates that are in accord with your needs and budget.

icbc term deposit nz

Why invest in ICBC Term Deposit?

ICBC is a reliable financier for any funding requests with loan offers for your personal use, housing, car and business. They’ve helped numerous enterprises worldwide and even expanded their services to supporting the construction industry. 

Today, one of ICBC’s notable investments is the term deposit. With ICBC term deposits in NZ, more Kiwis will be encouraged to make their money grow securely and according to their needs. They offer several terms and three currencies namely New Zealand Dollars, US Dollars, and Chinese Yuan Renminbi, an offshore currency of China.


Along with these features is ICBC’s innovative online banking system that allows the bank and its users to open, apply and view their balances and growth of their deposits without delay. They can manage their own personal and business accounts at their own convenience. ICBC won’t be as successful if not for their commendable customer service. If you’re not amenable to transacting online, you can always rely on their help desk about your banking inquiries.

ICBC Term Deposit NZ: Types

Personal Term Deposit

Thinking of starting a new personal endeavour? You can immediately make your long-term goals come true with an ICBC personal term deposit account. ICBC prides themselves on their worldwide reputation, with stable connections and millions of personal users. They’re  your best bet to establish your goals and finally enjoy your best life yet. 

You have the choice to invest in NZD, USD or CRH currency, based on where you wish to use your interest. Interest rate varies whether you opened a term deposit over the counter or online. With a minimum deposit of NZ$5,000 for a term of 1 month, you can earn 0.05% if you’ve deposited with any ICBC branch, and 0.10% when you opened an account online — giving you the ability to earn so much more.

Corporate Business Term Deposit

A business term deposit assures a stable income from a term of 1 month to 5 years with a minimum deposit of $10,000 for NZD and USD currencies, and $50,000 for CRH currency. You can agree on an interest frequency or the period you want to be repaid on a monthly basis or at the date of maturity. It all depends on how you like to receive your returns. Your business can accrue interest of up to 0.15% for NZD, 0.10% for USD, 0.25% for CRH.

If you’re thinking of getting a term deposit in CRH currency, you’re free to check with ICBC’s reliable customer support to help you get started.