HSBC Term Deposit NZ

HSBC is your trusted financial solutions provider with over 64 branches worldwide. Part of their mission is to give customers the right opportunities to help them save more. Your savings account just won’t cut it, you need to find something to depend on for other pecuniary obligations. This is where HSBC Term Deposit comes in. They offer competitive interest rates that can help Kiwis with their daily spending and can open doors to start their own business. 

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hsbc term deposit rates nz

Why invest in an HSBC Term Deposit?

HSBC term deposit is open for anyone who wishes to expand their savings. It’s convenient and easy to access by opening an HSBC term deposit through internet banking or enquiring to one of HSBC’s investment agents. As an international banking firm, HSBC is stable and flexible when it comes to your investments. HSBC offers term deposits from as short as 7 days up to a term of 5 years. You can earn as high as 0.80% per annum for a minimum deposit of $100,000. What’s great about HSBC is they don’t require administration fees on their term deposit schemes. You can also deposit up to $10,000 or less for a term of 1 month. Upon signing or during the window period of your term deposit, you can choose to be paid your returns by monthly, quarterly, six monthly or at the date of maturity.

Foreign Currency Fixed Term Deposit

Another way to diversify your investment portfolio is to open a foreign currency fixed term deposit account.  Opening an HSBC Foreign Currency FIxed Term Deposit is perfect for those with business abroad or family members schooling in another country. With HSBC, you can rest assured that your money is safe and continues to grow as agreed. You can choose the term ranging from 7 days to a year with competitive rates based on your term investment. You’re also given the option to be paid on a monthly, quarterly or six monthly basis, whichever works for you.