Co-operative Bank Term Deposit NZ

Co-operative Bank is known for its quality financial services and solutions for Kiwi customers. They have offered different investment options that are accessible online and provide secured returns at fixed terms according to your preference. For three months or longer, you can choose to boost your savings by earning compound interest that is added to your deposit. Co-operative bank also offers competitive term deposit rates starting from 0.15% for a minimum deposit of $2,000.

If you’re interested in getting higher monthly income aside from your daily work, you can opt for a Co-operative Bank term deposit. Compare Co-operative term deposit rates instantly with glimp’s comparison tool all for free.

co-operative bank term deposit rates nz

Why choose Co-operative Term Deposit?

Co-operative Bank aims to give Kiwis financial opportunities at their own convenience. That’s why they offer their online banking services and mobile app to accommodate all types of customers. In fact, you are given the freedom to change your Co-operative bank term deposit interest rate using their “set and forget” features with just a few steps. You’re paid on your  fixed returns depending on your chosen frequency. Co-operative Bank Term Deposit rates also vary depending on the amount you deposit. 

For a low as $2,000, you can open a Co-operative Term Deposit account and start investing. You can choose a term from 1 month up to 48 months on your term deposit, and earn as high as 1.35% per annum when you make a minimum deposit of $50,000.

Special Term Deposit

Co-operative Bank offers a special term deposit for those who wish to amp up their income. They have offers from 6 months to 12 months with interest rate of 0.90% and 1.10% per annum and are payable to you on a monthly basis or at the maturity date.