ANZ Term Deposit

New Zealand’s ANZ is a trusted banking institution for young professionals as well as those interested in widening their investments through bank term deposits. Being the largest rural banker with 39% market share, ANZ is open for all new and experienced investors in urban and rural areas. They're known for a wide range of investment options  that provide Kiwis the opportunity to grow their finances the way they want. 

If you’re interested in expanding your savings and assets, you can consider looking into ANZ term deposit here at glimp. Feel free to compare ANZ term deposit rates in NZ using our comparison tool that provides an accurate overview of investment fees according to your preference.

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Why choose ANZ term deposit?

ANZ term deposit offers reliable investment whether you’re self-employed, a new employee or a long-time office worker; ANZ makes the process convenient for you. Take advantage of ANZ term deposit calculator to make planning repayments and interest rates more manageable for you.

Simple term deposit application

Opening your ANZ term deposit is straightforward, beginning with a minimum of$10,000. Customers can simply call ANZ using their landline or pay them a visit in any ANZ branch. An existing ANZ customer can start applying for term deposits online through ANZ internet banking.  . They’re also open to apply for an ANZ Foreign Currency Term Deposit and invest in the currency they prefer.

Easy term deposit management

With ANZ Banking, you can manage your own term deposit  using a method that’s most convenient and easy-to-use for you. You’re given the option to request a new deposit and early withdrawal as well as relay instructions at the maturity of your term deposit, and to check investment details through ANZ contact centre, internet or phone banking, goMoney and directly to an ANZ branch near you.