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Thousands of Kiwis have compared TV streaming services using our comparison tool here at glimp.

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We’ve made the process of using our comparison tool quick and easy, to guarantee that you save time, money, and effort. In just a few simple steps, you can score the best TV streaming deals in NZ. Simply tell us some basic details about your household and your show preferences, and we’ll bring up the best services tailored to your needs.

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Here at glimp, we want you to relax and unwind by streaming your favourite NZ TV shows. As the market is getting more competitive with the entrance of offshore competitors, it can be hard to choose the right deal.

Our comprehensive comparison tool covers the leading online TV streaming services available throughout New Zealand. Whether you’re in the bustling Auckland CBD, or the quiet rural Aotearoa, you can stream TV shows wherever you are in the country. Compare the TV streaming service that includes all your favourite series here at glimp.

No matter how unique your watchlist is, there’s a TV streaming service that we can recommend to you. Simply tell us your streaming needs, and we’ll present the best ones currently available on the market.

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Choosing the perfect TV streaming plan has now become even easier with our easy-to-use filtering tool, as we know that each individual has different needs and preferences when it comes to the shows or series that they want to stream.

With so many different choices from best TV streaming companies, it can be hard to pick which one can give you what you want. This is why we make our comparison tool easy to use. Why make it more difficult when choosing the right plan is already hard enough, right?

We filter our TV streaming deals according to Streaming Video On-Demand (SVOD), Downloading, Internet Protocol TV, or Time-Shifted Programming. Whether you want something with basic quality offerings, or supported by both mobile and desktop devices, you can compare them all using our comprehensive comparison tool here at glimp.

Our tool will then pull up all the TV streaming plans relevant to your choices from different companies in NZ. This makes it easy to compare suitable plans according to the price of the service, the content that they offer, the quality of the streaming, and the devices that they support.

We help Kiwis like you to switch to a better deal everyday. Get started and compare online TV streaming services at glimp today!

Frequently Asked Questions

How is content delivered to my device?

There are different ways that your favourite movies and programmes show up on your screens when you live stream TV online. These are through Streaming Video On-Demand (SVOD), Downloading, Internet Protocol TV, or Time-Shifted Programming.

What should you consider when choosing a TV streaming service?

  • Content - The first thing to consider is the content that the services have to offer. You don’t want to subscribe to a service that doesn’t provide content you enjoy, right? So, make sure you know which streaming service offers the content you’d like to watch.
  • Bandwidth - Streaming is one of the activities that can strain your internet. For every hour of streaming, you can consume as much as 7GB of data! Some of the services, however, now provide offline viewing, which means you can save your bandwidth and watch without lag too.
  • Household - The number of people in your household matters if you’re all wanting to simultaneously stream online. If you remember fighting over the remote with your family because you can only watch one show, then streaming TV online can solve it!

What is the difference between IPTV and Cable TV?

IPTV mainly uses your IP address to deliver your favourite shows. Cable TV, on the other hand, uses cords to let you stream. Often, these cords are what’s also used to deliver broadband in your home. Unlike cable, IPTV is an unencrypted network that lets you stream and live stream in high-definition without limitation or additional fees.

What content can I stream online?

The options are endless! Aside from live streaming TV, you have the option to stream on-demand shows and movies as much as you want. The benefit of IPTV is that you can always add more content without having to delete shows you’ve already watched! With online TV streaming, your options are limitless.

Is there a 4K resolution streaming available?

Absolutely! Most providers now offer 4K resolution as an option in their library. However, it also heavily depends on whether the show has been shot in 4K or not. Also, not all devices are 4K compatible. If you do grab a 4K IPTV deal, make sure that you have devices that support 4K and an internet connection that can support it.

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