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Compare the best power providers that supply solar energy in New Zealand. In only a matter of minutes, you can score the best deals in your area with just a few easy steps! Simply use our solar energy comparison tool to see the deals currently on offer.

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Compare Solar Energy Plans

What is solar energy?

Solar energy is not new in New Zealand! As one of the pioneers in renewable energy, solar power is a widely used energy source in the country. If you want a cheap and sustainable option, then solar energy NZ is for you!

As a sunny country, New Zealand has an abundant source of sunlight – perfect if you want to use solar energy. It will be worth your money in the long run, as the sun always shines, which means almost unlimited source of power.

You can use this energy to power your appliances and even to heat your home during the cold winter months. Since solar energy in NZ is on the rise, you can be assured of hassle-free installation and a bang for your buck power plan!

How does our solar energy comparison work?

Score the best solar energy plans from NZ’s leading power providers in just a few easy steps. You can compare offers according to the solar energy rates, solar panel costs, and the availability of energy in your area. We’ll give you tailored results catered to your needs in only a matter of minutes. Get ready to channel the sun’s energy and power your Kiwi household sustainably!

Types of solar energy deals we compare

Grid-connected solar energy

Grid-connected solar energy is the most common type of solar energy in New Zealand. It comprises three components: solar panels, an inverter, and connection components. During the day, you can turn on necessary appliances, as this system directly converts the sun’s energy to electricity. When your appliances are turned off during the day, the excess solar energy is sold on to your power retailer.

As there’s no sunlight to convert into energy during the night, your power provider gives you regular power from the grid. Since this will be useful during the day, most average Kiwi households only need to set up 3kW and 5kW connected solar power systems.

Solar power and battery storage

Solar power and battery storage works similar to the grid-connected solar energy during the day. However, as you have a battery to store all the excess solar energy when your appliances are turned off, there’s no need to sell the unused energy to your provider. This also means that you can use the excess energy during the night.

With solar batteries, you have the choice to go completely off-grid! This is particularly useful if you’re located in a remote area. However, most residential homes in NZ choose a hybrid of on-grid and off-grid systems.

Off-grid solar energy

Off-grid solar energy is the most self-sustainable option if you’re looking to harness the full potential of the sun. This rids you of any connection to the power grid, meaning that you only rely on solar panels and solar batteries to power your home. This is an appealing option if you’re living independently, away from any urban or rural centres.

Take note that this system may come with a high price, as solar panel costs aren’t cheap. Other homeowners who choose to go off-grid have a generator with them as a backup, which comes in handy during the days when the sun doesn't shine brightly.