Powershop Rates in NZ - Best Power Deals

Powershop is one of New Zealand’s cheapest power companies. This comes as no surprise, as its parent company, Meridian Energy, is also known to provide some of the best power deals in NZ.

Founded in 2009, Powershop power company focuses on providing power to a diverse range of New Zealanders. By remaining true to its mission of providing affordable power to homes and businesses in New Zealand, it consistently expands its offerings as well as its sources so that it can cater to every type of customer in the country.

Is Powershop electricity looking like the right choice for you? Or, are you still not sure which provider is right for you? Compare all the top power providers in NZ to find the best power plan for your household.

Why Sign Up with Powershop Power Company?

With Powershop, you can rest assured that your power deal will come with a cheap price tag! They offer a simple, no-option system, which means you don’t have to worry about whether you’re getting the best value for your power plan.

Powershop’s power rates are well set out and are some of the cheapest available—plus, they update them regularly. Upon signing up, you’ll get $150 worth of free power! It’s a guarantee that you’ll save in the long run with Powershop.

Get the best power deal with Powershop rates

Powershop’s power plans vary depending on where you live and how much power you use. Take advantage of their online shop and save with the Powershop Classic option which allows you to buy regular discounted powerpacks.

No fixed-term contracts with Powershop power plans

Powershop does not have any fixed-term contracts. Aside from this tremendous flexible benefit, they also provide refunds on their Powerpacks. Powershop fees for standard services are also shown on the application, so you aren’t caught off-guard once charged.

With this, you can get a full refund if you change your mind after purchasing. You will be given a two-day timeframe if you wish to do so, given that you haven’t used any of the power yet.

Track how much power you are consuming

Powershop gives its customers the leverage to monitor and review how much power they use per time and the costs. This promotes transparency and prevents disagreements during payments.

Flexible payment strategy

With Powershop, you can choose a payment strategy according to your convenience. You can pay before using the service, pay as you use, or pay after you have used the service. It all depends on what works best for you.

Only one plan 

The single plan feature is one of the major differences between Powershop and other power companies. This single plan works for everyone. You won’t have to bother comparing various plans to find one that best suits you.

Transparent pricing

Usually, power costs spike during the winter and autumn and reduce during the summer and spring (due to low demand). Hence, Powershop ensures to notify its customers about the upcoming costs in the coming months. It doesn't suddenly introduce spiky changes in its standard energy pricing, so you don't run at risk or loss.

Regular account review

Powershop wants the best for its customers, hence, it regularly reviews its customers' accounts to ensure that they are on the best plans.


Powershop Prices, Rates, and Deals

Powershop Classic

Powershop Classic gives you access to their online shop, where you can buy power packs on special and save on your monthly bill. Get a better power deal when you switch to Powershop. As mentioned, these are no-contract plans, which means you can cancel at any point that you’re not happy with their service.