Energyclubnz Power Plans

Energyclubnz is one of New Zealand’s cheapest options when you compare power plans from all around the country.

Energyclubnz charges a set rate per week for their service, then only charges wholesale prices for the power you use. Energyclubnz plans come in Standard and Low User varieties, meaning you’ll always be paying in proportion to the power that you use. Are you looking for a new power company, but are unsure as to which provider to go with? You can compare NZ electricity plans now using glimp to ensure you get the best deal every time.

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Why Sign Up With energyclubnz?

energyclubnz is appealing to many people because they charge a fixed fee and then only retail power prices on top of that.

Thinking of switching to this provider? It’s easy to call an energyclubnz contact and organise your switch today. If you’re still unsure, you can always compare power plans with other providers using glimp.

energyclubnz Rates

energyclubnz rates are competitive in the New Zealand market, as they only charge wholesale prices for their electricity.

They make their margin by charging a low fixed price per week, nothing more and nothing less. To find some of the cheapest power plans currently available in NZ, Compare electricity companies with glimp now.

energyclubnz Reviews

If you’re looking for reviews of different New Zealand power companies, glimp has many available for providers like energyclubnz.

Read all about pricing, plans, feedback, frequently asked questions and much more. glimp’s aim is to provide honest information on provider services so that kiwis get the best deal every time.

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Low User Plans

energyclubnz plans are split into two different categories, depending on where you live. Low user plans are reserved for low usage properties such as flats and small detached houses. These plans are usually cheaper upfront in pricing, but you may pay more per unit of energy that you use over time.

Standard User Plans

Standard user plans are applied to larger properties with higher energy usage. With these plans you will likely have higher bills, but pay less per unit of electricity. Still unsure as to which energy service provider is right for you? Compare the lowest energy prices now using glimp.