Energy Online Power Plans

Energy Online are a highly commended power provider in New Zealand, and are a subsidiary under the Genesis Energy Limited brand.

Purchased by Genesis in 2002, Energy Online are focused on servicing a rapidly growing customer base in the North Island. They have over 70,000 customers, and are growing rapidly thanks to their great perks and discounts! There are several benefits that come with joining up to an Energy Online plan, including competitive prices and no-contract options.

If you’re thinking about joining Energy Online NZ, but you’re unsure if you can make the final commitment, we can help! Compare Energy Online against the best power providers in NZ today to find the best deals for you.

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Why sign up with Energy Online?

Energy Online power plans offer many practical perks to their customers, such as fixed-term prices and no-contract options. That means if you want to leave your plan at any time, there are no cancellation fees. They also offer customers a 20% prompt payment discount when they pay their power bill on time.

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Energy Online rates

Energy Online are committed to offering competitive rates, boosted with handy perks.

An average Low User Plan customer is likely to pay around 37.5 cents per day for daily user charges (this does not include the price per power unit). Similarly, a Standard User Plan customer is estimated to pay closer to $2.90 per day for power with exclusion price per power rate.

Energy Online No Contract terms

Energy Online company offers no-strings-attached power plans, which are perfect if you don’t want to feel tied up in your utilities.

Aside from having no contract terms, they also offer prompt payment in some of their plans. What’s even more enticing is that there are no break fees with Energy Online! This means that you can cancel your plan any time, without the fear of additional charges.

Energy Online Plans NZ

Standard User Plan

The Standard User plan is ideal for those who use higher amounts of power. This is perfect for powering a large family home or student flat. If you earn a certain threshold of power units per year, you’ll have the chance to start saving through their free credits while connecting to the Energy Online power bill at the same time.

Low User Plan

The Low User Plan is great for those powering smaller places like a small apartment or townhouse. You’ll see for yourself that it’s the best saving option for you when you see your power bill, as you’ll be paying less for daily user charges. You’ll also be at a great saving advantage if you earn a certain threshold of power per year. This can benefit everyone as you don’t need to do anything fancy to save, you just need to subscribe to their Low User Plan.

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