Compare Energy Providers NZ

Here at glimp, we provide you with a catalogue of retailers offering cheap and reliable power bundles regardless of where you are in NZ.

 We know how difficult it is to find services that will fit your needs and budget. With the help of glimp’s comparison tool, you’re rest assured to get the best and most efficient energy plan according to your preferences.  

Save more when you combine your power, gas and broadband in one plan. If you’re unsure about available deals in your area, feel free to reach out to our customer support team for assistance.

Learn more about your options when you compare using our free energy comparison tool!

Why compare energy plans?

Due to the rise of power prices in the market, it can be a hassle to switch and upgrade to another provider. 

Good thing, glimp is here to help you shop and find a plan that will best suit your needs! Our comparison tool is simple and easy to use. Whether you’re a low or standard power user, you can find something that fits within your budget.

Given that not all power retailers are available in all regions, it takes time to search for plans one by one. With our comparison tool, you get personalised results with just a few clicks. Simply enter your address and we’ll show with the available power plans based on your location.