Ecotricity NZ

Ecotricity is the only provider of 100% renewable carboNZero Certified electricity in New Zealand. They get their power supply from the Monowai, Roaring Meg, Teviot hydro dams, the Flat Hill Wind Farm and their solar customers. When you sign up with Ecotricity, you can rest assured that you’re helping the environment by reducing your carbon footprint.

Ecotricity opt to revolutionize New Zealand’s energy generation by maximizing solar, hydro, and wind power solutions. They also want to “electrify” New Zealand’s transportation by encouraging Kiwis to switch to Electric Vehicles (EVs).

If you’re wanting to live an environmentally friendly lifestyle, choose a power supplier that’s aiming for a cleaner and greener New Zealand. Ecotricity NZ are competitive not only when it comes to their power plans, but also in achieving environmental accountability.

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Why sign up with Ecotricity?

Ecotricity make Kiwis their partners for a more sustainable NZ through plans that are affordable and high quality, tailoring ecoANYTIME, ecoWHOLESALE, ecoSaver, and LowUser plans to both residential or and commercial properties. They are proudly 100% Kiwi, 50% community owned, and carboNZero Certified.

CarboNZero Certified

Ecotricity make use of 100% renewable energy, and being carboNZero Certified, they source their power from wind, hydro, and solar, while also measuring and offsetting all emissions. Their commitment to reduce carbon emissions also shows in pushing Kiwis to switch towards using Electric Vehicles.

Price forecasts

Ecotricity NZ will send you SMS and/or emails whenever electricity prices are predicted to go up, so that you can prepare in advance and adjust your energy consumption. 

There are instances where sources are affected by drought and weather conditions. When this happens, you can consider making the switch to an ecoANYTIME plan to avoid the spike in market prices.

Ecotricity Plans NZ - Rates, Deals, Price

Residential plans

This kind of plan is suited for most Kiwi homes, as there are no long term contracts, no joining fees and no increases to ecoANYTIME, ecoSAVER, and ecoWHOLESALE costs. Price increases on network and metering charges are passed on at cost each year.

Business Plans

Ecotricity can pre-offset emissions relating to electricity consumption, to relieve businesses from their carbon emissions. This is advantageous when a company adapts carboNZero certification, CEMARS certification, or other emission schemes.


Ecotricity NZ have ecoWHOLESALE price plans that are powered by carboNZero Certified electricity. EcoWHOLESALE price plans have no contracts, and can help you save between 5% to 19% of your energy costs. You’ll enjoy quality and affordable electricity, without feeling guilty about your carbon footprint.