Nova Energy Power Plans

Nova Energy NZ is an offshoot of the Todd Corporation, and has been providing New Zealanders with power for around 60 years.

Nova also offers broadband and gas services. Nova power operates with a focus on being refreshing and innovative, with the introduction on its website reading ‘we treat our customers the way you’d expect of a genuine kiwi organisation’. Nova electricity comes in two main forms, Home Freedom and Home Advantage. Each has its own set of perks and drawbacks, giving you choice in how you pay for power. Unsure about which provider to go with? Compare NZ power companies now using glimp.

Nova Energy

Why sign up with Nova Energy?

Nova energy is a company dedicated to forward thinking and good service.

It offers two plans which let you choose between a committed plan or no contract, allowing for the flexibility of leaving the provider when you choose. Still unsure? Compare power plans from every NZ provider now with Glimp.

Nova Energy rates

Nova pricing varies depending on your address, the amount of power you use and the plan you’re on.

Being on a fixed term plan usually means you pay less over a longer period of time, but shorter term plans are good for affordable power without the commitment.

Nova Energy contact

Nova prides itself on forward thinking policies and good customer service.

If Nova energy rates sound reasonable to you, you can contact them to learn more about their cheap power plans or sign up to its service.

Nova Energy Plans

Home Advantage Plan

Nova Energy plans come in two forms, the first of which is Nova Home Advantage. This plan has the perk of $150 worth of Nova energy NZ credit and fixed pricing over a fixed term. This is a great option for those who don’t mind making a commitment to a power plan if it means enjoying some perks along with it!

Home Freedom Plan

The Home Freedom plan is Nova’s no commitment offering, meaning you can enjoy reasonable prices with no contract - you’re free to leave anytime. If these plans sound good, but you’re sure if you’re ready to commit, compare energy prices from many NZ providers with glimp now.

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