Mercury Energy Power Plans

In 2016 Mercury Energy merged with Mighty River Power. They own and operate 14 power stations in New Zealand, all of them generate renewable power.

Nine of which are hydropower stations along the Waikato River and the other five are geothermal stations based around taupo. They also have smaller stations dedicated to wind power and solar power based in New Zealand. They are dedicated to making New Zealand a cleaner and greener country, and are proud of the work they’ve done since they were founded in 1999 as a State Owned Asset. They still have one of the best power plans while also providing the national grid with renewable energy.

Mercury Energy

Why sign up with Mercury Energy?

If you sign up with Mercury Electricity, you’ll be giving a vote a solidarity towards a cleaner and greener New Zealand.

The work that the wider Mercury Energy business does, providing renewable energy to the national grid, is something that few other retailers can claim. You can also use the Mercury Energy app to earn and redeem Mercury dollars by completing fun challenges. Have a look at other power companies in NZ if you’re not convinced and you want to see what other options you have.

Mercury Energy Rates

The rates for Mercury Energy vary from region to region, and even from house to house depending on the type of meter.

If you want to know more about how much your house specifically will be charged per day and per unit, type your address into the Mercury website and you’ll quickly find out.

Mercury Energy Contact

Mercury try to make contacting them as easy as possible.

Whether you want to get in contact for a change to your plan, an outage or to check up on your Mercury Energy share, you can contact Mercury Energy online or you can call their 0800 number.

Mercury Energy Plans

Fixed Energy Rate Plans

You can choose between Mercury Energy’s options for 12 month or 24 month long fixed terms. With each option, you’ll get $100 of credit per 12 months of the contract. You get to choose whether this credit is Mercury Energy credit, or in airpoints. If you choose airpoints, you’ll also get a 5x multiplier on any other airpoints you earn.

Open Term Plans

On a Mercury Energy open term plan, you won’t be held down by any contracts. You will still get the fixed rates offered by Mercury’s other fixed term plans, just without some of the bigger discounts. If you’re interested in an open contract Mercury Energy plan, you should compare energy prices.

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