Cheapest Electric Companies in NZ

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Sources of Electricity in NZ


There are four major sources of energy in New Zealand, one of which is hydroelectric power. This has been a key part of the country’s energy system for around 100 years. So far, Hydroelectric power remains to hold a big percentage of 56% of the total electricity generation in NZ.


Another renewable energy source is geothermal power that is being generated in the Taupo Volcanic Zone. Originally used by central North Island Maori, geothermal energy was utilised for cooking, heating, therapy for different types of illnesses. In 2017, geothermal power accounted for around 17% of NZ’s electricity.


Wind energy has been a source of energy in many countries including New Zealand. Today, 17 wind farms are operating with an installed capacity of 690 MW, and supply 6% of the country’s annual power generation — about the same amount of electricity as 300,000 Kiwi households use yearly.


Some of the non-renewable energy sources are oil, natural gas, coal, fossil fuels, and uranium. 

These are typically the least generation source to be used, only however when it is absolutely necessary to maintain electricity to homes and businesses in some parts of NZ.