Southern Cross Pet Insurance NZ

Southern Cross Pet Insurance is a proud partner of the New Zealand Veterinary Association, and a proud supporter of SPCA and Pet Refuge. They take pride in their distinction as one of the top health insurers in the country for your furry friends!

southern cross insurance pet nz

Why choose Southern Cross Pet Insurance NZ?

Southern Cross Pet Insurance has paid out over $11.2 million, within an average of 9 working days after the claim was made. It’s very convenient as it allows you and your wallet to relax when it comes to healthcare costs. Southern Cross helps you to look after your precious pets. Here are other reasons why they’re a trusted brand:

  • Coverage for all family members, including pets!
  • Simple plans suited for different budgets.
  • Cover for inherited conditions.
  • Multi-pet discounts.
  • Additional extra coverage like dental cover.

Types of Southern Cross Pet Insurance NZ:

Southern Cross has simplified their range of products, reducing the time it takes you to settle on a policy. You can choose from their two primary policy types:


This is Southern Cross Pet Insurance’s comprehensive cover for your cat and dog. It includes provisions for accidental injury, illness, inherited conditions, vaccinations, and check-ups up to $25 a year with a 20% co-payment option. It also offers optional extras from day-to-day care and dental care. Sickness and injury is covered up to $15,000 per year under PetCare comprehensive cover.


Budget-friendly option used for accidents and unforeseen events. Accipet helps you with bills from accidental injury up to $5,000 a year! This is a good option for relatively healthy cats and dogs, as well as budget-minded owners. Like PetCare, it also has a 20% co-payment option.