Petplan NZ

Started in the UK more than 35 years ago, Petplan has since expanded into other regions, becoming the most experienced pet insurance provider out there. They opened their doors in NZ back in 2008 and is now a leading provider for NZ dogs, cats, and horses. You know your furry companion is in good hands when you cover them with Petplan NZ.

Even the most caring pet owners can find themselves in a slump paying their big vet bills when their pets fall ill or get into an accident. This is why Petplan NZ has developed strong relationships with veterinarians across the country, allowing them to easily settle any claims you’ll make on your policy.

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Why choose Petplan Coverage?

Petplan NZ offers quality cover that extends the traditional level offered by other pet insurers. They take pride in their image as a pet insurance provider that’s also composed of pet owners, allowing them to maintain and enhance the meaningful relationships they’ve built with pet owners, veterinarians, breeders, and of course, pets. This allows policyholders to benefit from:

  • An option to have Petplan pay your vet directly in the event of a claim
  • Covered for Life Policy
  • Highest benefit amounts offered in NZ
  • Short waiting periods for illness
  • No vet check requirement for cruciate cover
  • Regular email updates on your insurance policy
  • Fast and easy claims settlement

Petplan believes that it’s the small things that matter when it comes to our beloved pets. That’s why they strive to always deliver a friendly and understanding service while resolving claims fast and hassle-free! So try Petplan coverage and see how far your cover takes your pet! Use glimp to get a Petplan quote today!

Types of Petplan NZ Coverage available

Dog and Puppy Insurance

over your dog from illnesses and injuries with a dog insurance policy from Petplan NZ! This cover comes with three options for different budget levels:

  • Essential Dog Insurance - This is a budget option that provides cover up to $7,000 in veterinary fees for the treatment of illnesses, injuries and accidents. It’s not a life cover, however, and lasts only for 12 months.
  • Classic Dog Insurance - This is a more comprehensive option ranging from $10,000 up to $15,000 in veterinary fee cover for illness or accidents. Under this policy, Petplan NZ will cover your pet for life, giving you even more peace of mind!
  • Ultimate Dog Insurance - An even higher-tier that raises your veterinary fee cover to $20,000 for treatment while your pet stays insured for life!

Cat and Kitten Insurance

Petplan’s coverage comes in different options that best suit different kinds of cat owners in NZ. Check out their range of cat insurance options below:

  • Essential Cat Insurance - This is a budget-level option that offers up to $7,000 in veterinary fee cover in case your cat falls ill or gets into an accident. This cover lasts for 12 months.
  • Classic Cat Insurance - A popular, comprehensive policy many cat owners have already picked for their feline friends. This cover provides veterinary cover from $9,000 to $10,000 for treatment in case your cat falls ill or gets into an accident. Under this policy, your pet is covered for life so you don’t have to worry.
  • Ultimate Cat Insurance - This is an even more comprehensive option which raises your cat’s veterinary cover to $15,000 while retaining lifetime coverage.

Equine and Horse Insurance

Incredibly important for many horse owners in NZ, Petplan understands how expensive and complex these animals can be. That’s why Petplan Quotes have been crafted to care for all aspects of your precious steed.

Horse Insurance

This is the base cover for your horse which includes mortality, theft, and straying. It covers the sum insured or market value of your animal in the event it passes away or is put down on humane grounds during the cover period. Under this policy, you’re also able to add the following extras:

  • Vet Fee Cover - Cover for veterinary fees sustained by your horse for treatment like emergency surgery or lameness investigation. Standard Cover pays up to $10,000 for any one claim within a year with an excess of $250 for any condition. On the other hand, their HiXS cover pays up to $7,000 for any one claim with an excess of $1,000.
  • Permanent Loss of Use - In the event of permanent disability rendering your steed unable to participate in an activity it was insured for, this cover will take into effect. It offers two levels of Loss of Use cover: 60% and 100%.
  • Disposal after Death - Petplan Coverage provides up to $300 to help remove your horse’s body in the event of its passing.
  • Saddlery & Tack Cover - This cover can replace or repair any saddles and tack stolen or damaged, provided they are kept secure in a dedicated box, vehicle, or building.
  • Horse Float Cover - This is cover for any float or horse-drawn vehicle you may use along with your steed. Petplan NZ will repair or replace any items destroyed, stolen, or damaged up to the sum insured or its market value, depending on what is cheaper.

Other available plans under Petplan Insurance NZ Horse Cover

  • Horse Liability Plan - Given that horses are flight animals, their natural instincts can cause them to act out should something startle them, causing risk to others and themselves. This is third-party liability that protects you in case you need to pay damages caused to other people and property.
  • Veteran Plans - This is a value-for-money package that covers horses and ponies aged 17 to 19 years old. It provides cover up to $3,000 should your horse pass away due to illness or injury, or in case it’s lost, stolen, or strayed. There’s also an optional vet fee cover of up to $2,000.