PD Insurance NZ

PD Insurance NZ is a local specialist that can help you with providing adequate cover for your pet. They have all the inclusions to safeguard your precious dog and cat from unexpected incidents. PD Insurance is a good place to find low-cost, high-value, pet insurance, owing to their experience as pet parents.

Even the most caring pet owners can find themselves with a big vet bill should their pet fall ill or get into an accident. Petplan NZ has developed strong relationships with veterinarians across the country, allowing them to easily settle any claims you’ll make on your policy.

pd insurance pet nz

Why choose PD Insurance NZ?

PD Insurance NZ understands that pets are extensions of our families and should be able to receive great medical care and cover like everyone else. Their policies are catered around providing quality pet care without the hassle. PD understands that no matter how careful we are as pet owners, it’s still possible for our pets to get into accidents or fall ill with severe illness.

PD Insurance NZ offers jargon-free plans with a month-to-month payment option, allowing you to easily choose a cover that works for your pet and your budget. You’re also eligible for a 5% multiple pet discount when you add two or more pets to your policy. Their plans also offer liability cover should your cat or dog injure other people.

Types of PD Insurance NZ plans available

PD Insurance NZ offers three distinct tiers for both their cat and dog insurance offers. None of these plans are particularly difficult to understand so you don’t have to worry about getting the right medical treatment in a timely manner. All plans offer affordable premiums, too!

  • Emergency Plans - This is a basic pet cover that offers emergency and third-party liability benefits. Note that this level doesn’t normally cover illness and hereditary conditions.
  • Classic Plans - This is a good value-for-money plan that covers emergencies, illnesses, accidents and the option to add on their Wellness Benefits package such as De-sexing and Microchipping.
  • Deluxe Plan - This is their most comprehensive plan which covers everything within the classic plan with the addition of dental cover.

Dog Insurance Plans

PD’s Dog Insurance plans help you make fast, care-based health decisions for your beloved pooch! No need to worry about finding the right health care for your dog at crucial hours! Choose from a range of plans below:

  • Emergency Plan - $5,000 defined benefit limit. No cover for illness or hereditary conditions.
  • Classic Plan - $9,000 defined benefit limit. Eligible for Wellness Benefit.
  • Deluxe Plan - $15,000 defined benefit limit. Eligible for Wellness Benefit and includes dental cover.

Cat Insurance Plans

Get a cat insurance policy with affordable premiums and jargon-free documents that takes out the stress of finding a good plan with PD Insurance NZ! See their range of plans below.

  • Emergency Plan - $5,000 defined benefit limit. It doesn’t include any cover for illnesses and hereditary conditions.
  • Classic Plan - $9,000 defined benefit limit. This plan is eligible for their Wellness Benefits package.
  • Deluxe Plan - $15,000 defined benefit limit. Eligible for both Wellness Benefits and included dental cover.