Internet Speed Test: Who Are The Most Reliable Broadband Providers In NZ?

Date Mar 15, 2021
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By Khristine Eusebio

Not satisfied with your current internet connection? Or maybe you're planning to move to a new place and are looking for an internet service provider? Whatever your reasons are, we can all agree that reliable internet is a must given how much we rely on it these days.

With so many providers to choose from, picking the right one for you can be challenging, especially if you don't know where to look. Not to mention some factors to consider, such as internet plans and broadband deals, download speed, and contract length based on your budget.

There's no need to worry because plenty of NZ comparison tools are available to help make the process easier for you! These tools give you a comprehensive evaluation of the best broadband plans from leading NZ internet providers based on your location and needs. You can also check your current speed using an internet speed test online to see if your current plan is still worth the money.

What is an internet speed test?

An internet connection speed test is a great tool that measures the speed and quality of your service. It analyses different aspects of your internet connection such as download speed, upload speed, and ping. If you're wondering how to check it, NZ has numerous internet providers that have this tool on their websites or you can simply search "internet speed test" on Google! 

If you find your internet connection is fluctuating, or your provider isn't always up to speed, then it's time to switch! Here are some of the most reliable internet providers in NZ, plus some tips to get you started.


Internet speed of different ISPs in NZ


Megatel's primary mission is to become an innovative broadband provider to Kiwis, eventually becoming the first telco and energy provider in 2011 with their broadband and power bundle offerings. They were also recognised as NZ's Best Service Provider from 2017 to 2019.

Internet speed: Up to 900Mbps download and 450Mbps upload


NOW prioritises giving excellent service to their customers, making them one of the leading internet providers in NZ. In fact, most of their service hubs and customer care are located near households, so they can promptly answer any issues.

They now have the NOW tech services to address concerns. Location is not a problem with them, which means you can avail of their broadband services wherever you are in New Zealand.

Internet speed: Up to 900Mbps download and 400Mbps upload

Wireless Nation

An internet service provider that's available just about everywhere in NZ, Wireless Nation can assist you with your internet needs wherever you are. This is also why they are known as a rural internet service provider in NZ. With a reliable connection and a local team dedicated to responding to queries and giving solutions, Wireless Nation is a great option for those who live in the New Zealand countryside and other remote areas.

Internet speed: Up to 900Mbps download and 400Mbps upload

Test your internet speed now


2degrees is known for cost-saving deals on their broadband and mobile plan offerings. They've been fighting for fair for Mobile, Broadband, and Business since 2009 and have won awards, including NZ's fairest telco and Best Pay Monthly Provider.

Internet speed: Up to 900 Mbps download and 400 Mbps upload


Offering fast and unlimited internet connections, including ADSL, VDSL, and fibre broadband, Bigpipe gives you plenty of options to choose from without breaking your wallet. They have one of the cheapest rates in NZ! They also focus on naked broadband plans and don't sell any tricky add-ons.

Internet speed: Up to 700-900 Mbps download and 400-500 Mbps upload

Stuff Fibre

Stuff Fibre is an award-winning company aiming to offer the best fibre provider for Kiwis throughout New Zealand. They offer no-term contracts, unlimited data at fast speeds, and reliable customer service.

Internet speed: Up to 950 Mbps download and 500 Mbps upload (fibre boost)


Slingshot is the 3rd largest provider in New Zealand that provides broadband, mobile, and power services.

Internet speed: Up to 900 Mbps download and 450 Mbps upload

Other things to consider when looking for the best broadband plan

While all these internet providers are good options, there are still other important details to consider before picking one. A fast internet connection in one area doesn't guarantee the same for your place, and sometimes, behind a good deal is a lengthy contract you need to commit to. Aside from internet speed, here are some factors you might want to consider to make sure you're getting the right internet provider and plan. 

1. Internet coverage and customer support

Imagine the horror of finding out that despite getting a good plan, it doesn't meet your needs and expectations because your chosen provider has a bad connection in your area. Ask internet providers about their coverage area and read customer reviews from your area. Make sure to check if your chosen internet provider has services in your place. That way, they'll be able to assist should you encounter any problem.

2. Contract length and termination fee

More often than not, cheap broadband deals and plans are cheap because it requires a longer contract. Make sure to verify with the provider if they're strict with the contract, or you can switch to a monthly one, especially if you're only renting your place. Ask about their termination fee if you suddenly have to move to a different address or no longer find your plan practical.

3. Data allowance

Internet speed is pointless if your data allowance isn't enough for your internet needs. Aside from having a fast internet connection, it's always better to have a plan with unlimited data so you can maximize both. But if you're on a budget and want a cheaper plan, just make sure that the data allowance you'll be getting is enough.

4. Add-ons and hidden charges

This is most likely what most internet users have overlooked in the past. When getting a broadband plan, check the internet provider's website and FAQs for a detailed description of the plan and see if there are any hidden charges. Some plans also have some add-ons and bonuses included, but there are instances that they're actually cheaper when you pay them separately. Reddit is your go-to for honest reviews about these providers. Make sure you give it a look before committing to any plan.

Save yourself hours of Google-ing with glimp's comparison tool. Compare broadband plans from leading NZ internet providers based on your needs and budget, all in just a few minutes!

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