TSB Bank has introduced New Zealand to a lot of its firsts - from offering negotiable cheque accounts to real-time computer processing; and later, the use of ATMs throughout the country. These developments paved the way for TSB to become Kiwi's choice of bank for their loans, investments, credit, personal banking and customer service. 

Through the years, TSB has launched financial tools to aid Kiwis find the right opportunities at the right price. That's why TSB offers Home Loan centres in order to help families and individuals get better homes that are adaptable to their needs, budget and lifestyle. 

If you think TSB is the right choice for you, simply head over to our easy-to-use comparison tool and  learn about the best mortgage plan for you!

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Why sign up with TSB NZ?

TSB values independence more than any bank in New Zealand. They make it a priority that every Kiwi also enjoy the same opportunity when it comes to managing and growing their finances. Because of this, they provided banking and home loan options that are best suited for each individual to help them achieve their long term goals.

TSB Mortgage Interest Rates and Payments

When you apply for a home loan with TSB, you’re required to make a minimum deposit of 20% which has an annual TSB mortgage rate of 2.89% for a 6-month term, depending on your choice. If you make a deposit less than 20% of your home loan, you can get a standard rate of 3.69% per annum for the same period of six months. You may also access TSB's mortgage calculator to know how much your repayments could be within a given period. You can choose a fixed rate basis anywhere between six to five years or select from TSB's home loan options according to your income.

Types of TSB Home Loans NZ - Rates, Calculator


A fixed rate option ensures that you'll be paying a fixed rate from a period of six months to five years only, plus make repayments of up to $10,000 at the end of the period you've chosen. Opting for the TSB Fixed rate mortgage will help you to budget your money regularly  and to avoid  worrying about the next repayments and  the changing rates on the market.

Floating or Variable

A variable rate loan option is suited for those who wish to pay off their home loans ahead of time by increasing repayments according to the ebb and flow of interest on the market. You can also make extra payments that are penalty-free s at any time.

Both Fixed and Variable

If you're unsure as to how you want to make your payments, you can ask to combine a fixed and variable rate options with the help of TSB's trusted advisors.

To make it convenient for you, take a look at TSB Bank mortgage rates at glimp and find a home loan that suits you best!